How to improve soil organic matter in chestnut orchard

Q: It is said that straw mulching can increase soil organic matter content. However, we can't cover turf materials inconveniently, and there is no organic fertilizer source. How can we improve the soil organic matter content of chestnut orchards?

A: If you only dig trenches or tree holes when building a garden, there is no material for organic fertilizer for grass-covered materials, it is recommended to deepen the hole during dormancy to increase ventilation; during the growth period, it is used as a dwarf and efficient crop, and the straw is also returned. field.

After expanding the hole, plant good grasses and cut them down to the garden during the growing season.

Appropriately apply commodity organic fertilizers and semi-organic fertilizers (fertilizers made of organic and inorganic materials) that have passed the registration certification and production license of the relevant state departments. This fertilizer mainly includes two types: one is the use of detoxicated livestock and poultry manure, adding appropriate amounts of zinc, manganese, boron, molybdenum and other trace elements made of fertilizer. The second category is based on the use of dried material from the fermentation industry waste liquid as a raw material and a fertilizer made from an abandoned mixture for growing mushrooms or raising poultry.

The combination of foliar spraying and drying of amino acid fertilizers has a good effect on the fruit quality and yield of chestnut. However, it cannot replace soil fertilization.

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