The use of domesticated cockroaches

The majority of domesticated quails are used for fishing. They can start at 60 days of age, and follow the fish boat to practice with the already established birds. Individuals who are properly domesticated can collect 15 to 25 kilograms of fresh fish per day on average. If the water area and fish source are both ideal, there is also the best record of 35 kg of fish per house per day. The use of oyster fishing can last for more than 10 years. There have been records of fishing for 28 years. Longevity record for up to 40 years. After about 150 days of age, most domesticated cockroaches can successfully master the skills of fishing. After a long-term domestication, the dragonfly is poor in its flying ability, and most individuals are not accustomed to flying for a long time and can more skillfully identify cockroaches or fishermen inhabiting the same group. For fishing rods, use a green rope or straw to loop around the neck, or use a metal ring around the neck to prevent it from eating. After each fishing, the owner took back the big fish. It is also necessary to feed small fish for rewards and encourage them to fish again.

Domesticated quail fishing, mostly in the fasting every morning, every time you enter the water to capture 40 to 60 minutes, after the catch on the boat to rest 40 to 60 minutes later again into the water fishing. Generally, it is possible to fish for three times a day for 120 to 180 minutes, and then bite into the water to bite the head or jaw. Normally, the live fish that are captured on their own can weigh about 500 grams, and when they are at maximum, they can individually weigh up to 5,000 grams of live fish. More than 5000 grams of fish can also be caught. However, only a few or a dozen of them need to cooperate with each other and domestication personnel can complete the task of capturing. According to the relevant information, there were a group of dozens of giant squid that had only joined forces to capture more than 15 kilograms. According to fishermen's experience, the male carcass is slightly larger than the female, and its fishing ability is also better than that of the female.

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