Fermentation Bed Pigs Improve Feed Conversion Rate

According to statistics from Qingdao Customs, the current cost of live pig production in China is about 6.5 yuan per kilogram, while the average aquaculture adult in developed countries is only 4.5 yuan per kilogram, which makes imported pork have a natural price competitive advantage compared with domestic pork, and it is also domestic The main reason why food processing companies choose to purchase foreign pork. In the first half of this year, feed prices rose, pork prices continued to slump, and the imported pork market fought to bring a huge impact to domestic pig breeding. In the case that the feed does not fall for a long time, and the imported pork is eyeing the situation, how should the domestic pig breeding drive a way out? The author believes that the use of goldfish dry submerged fermentation bed, in the feed properly added microbial fermentation of silage, scientific management, scientific feeding, thus raising the pig feed conversion rate is a good plan.
The feed conversion rate is calculated from the actual daily consumption of feedstuffs and the daily gain of the pigs, which is influenced by factors such as the nutrition of the pigs, the level of aquaculture management, and epidemics.
In the process of pig breeding, unbalanced nutrition is the main reason for the hidden waste of feed and low conversion rate. The proper addition of microorganism-fermented silage in pig feed can effectively supplement the daily nutrient elements required by the pigs, balance the absorption, and increase the feed conversion rate. Compared with traditional feed-fed live pigs, the silage fermented with Gumba Silage Fermenter has reduced the cost of farming by using old straw resources; the feed is safe to feed and the disease-resistance capacity has been enhanced; the weight of pigs has increased significantly and has been effectively improved. Feed conversion rate, while improving the quality of pork.
The poor living environment and poor management of the pigs also affect the feed conversion rate of the pigs' daily diet. With the use of the golden baby dry-type fermentation bed, pig manure can be effectively decomposed to maintain a clean and fresh environment. The pigs have been in a pleasant and relaxed environment. The utilization of feed has naturally increased. And the fermentation bed has the characteristics of being warm in winter and cool in summer, with little difference in temperature throughout the year, allowing the pigs to live in air-conditioned rooms.
The epidemic and sub-health status are the main reasons for the low feed conversion rate of pigs. The stomach is not good and the feed cannot be completely absorbed. Pigs do not eat long meat, or even eat appetite, are a great waste of feed. The silage and jellyfish dry-fermented fermentation beds fermented by Gumba silage starter contain beneficial functional flora. The bacteria can enter the pig's digestive tract through the pig's diet and rapidly reproduce it as a natural ecological barrier to the stomach and stomach, inhibiting the occurrence and growth of harmful bacteria. At the same time, some of the nutrients and proteins produced by the metabolism of functional microflora will also be absorbed by pigs and strengthen the gastrointestinal function. Gastrointestinal tract is in a strong and energetic state. Natural digestion and absorption of feed is a multiplier. The conversion rate is also correspondingly improved. In addition, the fermentation bed rapidly decomposes the excreta, which effectively cuts off the parasite's infection route and also ensures the pig's healthy growth.
In summary, the application of pig-breeding technology in the fermentation bed, appropriate feeding of the fermented feed, scientific management, and reasonable feeding are low-cost and effective methods to increase the conversion rate of feed for pigs and to meet the challenges of high feed prices and imported pork. The friends of the pig-raising all don't try it. Details can be consulted: Beijing Huaxia Kangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. Telephone toll-free hotline Website: Taobao Website: http://shop35396982.taobao.com

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