Different dishes choose different heat

It is not difficult for us to discover in our lives that the heat we use when cooking is very important. The quality of a heat will directly affect our taste and nutrition in cooking. However, in fact, we must choose different dishes for different dishes. Heat.

1, suitable for cooking a small fire

Such as beef stew. Cut the beef into square pieces first, then dip in boiling water to remove blood foam and impurities. Then shift to medium heat, add accessories, cook for a while, and then move on a small fire. By slow cooking, the beef shrinks the fiber gradually stretched. If cooked with a stir, the appearance of beef will appear irregular, and the surface will be rotten, and the inside will still be chewed. Therefore, the raw materials of the large blocks use a small amount of fire.

2. Dishes suitable for fire cooking

All the raw materials hanging outside the paste, in the next pan fried, more use of the fire in the pot, the gradual refueling method, the effect is better. If you use it when you fry, the raw material will immediately zoom, forming an external coke. If you use a small fire, the raw material will appear after the pot off the paste phenomenon. Some dishes, such as crispy chicken, are made by boiling the ingredients when the fire is hot, expelling a harder shell, and moving it into medium heat until it is crispy.

3, suitable for stir cooking dishes

The main materials are mostly brittle and tender, such as onions, mutton, and water. Water burst belly, when drowning, must boil boiling, so that it will be crisp and tender. This is because at high temperatures, the fibers of the meat shrink sharply and the water does not leach easily. Another example is scallion mutton, first of all to cut the meat into thin slices, followed by must use a prosperous, oil to heat, and then into the meat to fry color, immediately under the onion and seasoning stir fry for a moment, see onion color immediately pan. It is also necessary to make a quick start, otherwise it will cause more water and chewing.

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