Xiaqiu alternate fermentation bed chickens need to pay attention

It is rainy in the summer and fall, and the humidity is high. In the summer, the summer heat has ushered in the autumn tigers and the temperature remains high. Chickens are more sensitive to changes in humidity and can exacerbate heat loss and respiratory arrest at high temperatures, resulting in reduced feed intake, slow growth, reduced resistance to disease, and even death. The high temperature and humidity environment can easily lead to the growth and spread of many viruses, bacteria, and parasites. Therefore, in order to use the treble dry fermentation bed technology to raise chickens in the summer and fall season to obtain better economic benefits, it is necessary to pay attention to the following aspects.
First, prevent heatstroke and maintain ventilation. In general, the use of tycoon dry sub-fermentation bed type chicken, hen house cool in winter and cool, ginba dry fermented mattress material and chicken urine mixture is a high-quality high-quality bio-organic fertilizer or roughage, nutrient-rich , Loose ventilation, odorless, the temperature in the four seasons is basically maintained at twenty degrees. But when necessary, to ensure the air inside the house is fresh: open all windows or vents during the hot season, install exhaust fans and fans, speed up the discharge of air in the house and air convection, in time to take away the fermentation ammonia produced by the fermentation bed. And the heat generated by water vapor and chicken body. Keep the air in the house fresh and fresh. The relative humidity of the house is maintained at 55% to 60%. Good ventilation is beneficial to maintain the humidity in the house.
Second, the density is reasonable, feeding science. The use of chickens in the fermentation bed is generally maintained at 5-6 chickens per square meter, and the stocking density can be appropriately reduced in summer. In hot summer months, the demand for water from chickens is also relatively large, and there must be adequate supply of clean drinking water in the sink. At the same time, it should also be noted that drinking water cannot be dripped into the bed to prevent overheating due to excessive humidity. In order to reduce the impact of the weather on the flock, vitamin C can also be properly supplemented in feed or drinking water.
Third, keep the chicken house clean and reduce the possibility of disease. For chicken farmers using general litter, excrement should be cleared in time in summer. Because chicken manure has a high moisture content (approximately 85%), accumulation of moisture in the house is likely to increase humidity and affect heat dissipation, and must be cleared in time. It is best to clean chickens in cages in the summer and change them at least once a week. Users who use chickens in dry-fermenting beds do not have to worry too much about this problem. Chicken manure is decomposed under the action of valuable functional bacteria. A part of it is decomposed into odorless gases (such as carbon dioxide, water vapor, etc.) that are discharged and some of them are decomposed into crude protein and bacterial proteins. Moreover, the mix of Kimberbe's dry spread mattress material and chicken urine or urine is a high-quality high-quality bio-organic fertilizer or roughage. Details can be consulted: Beijing Huaxia Kangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. Telephone toll-free hotline Website: Taobao Website: http://shop35396982.taobao.com

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