Four-season egg production method

In spring, the climate is warm, feed is sufficient, ducks are active, and the time for dropping ducks is gradually prolonged, and efforts are made to go back and forth as soon as possible so that the ducks can eat more and enjoy the sun. The ducks should be "fasted on an empty stomach, full of slow rush, more in the morning, and less in the afternoon."

Summer temperatures are high and the weather is hot and duck heatstroke must be prevented. If the weather is hot at night and the ducks call at night, you can drive the ducks into the pool to cool off. When feeding, pay attention to eat less and feed more, add some green feed.

The weather in the fall is cool, the live food in the water is abundant, and the appetite of the duck is strong. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the duck fat from affecting the production of eggs. Controlling the method of raising ducks is a method of controlling food. In addition, it must be rushed to increase the amount of activity.

In the late autumn, the egg production of ducks gradually decreases, and the eggshells become thin. At this time, artificial forced moulting can be used to restore the ducks to egg production. The method is to suck the big hair on the wings and tail of the duck and feed it with concentrated feed. After seven to eight days, new feathers will grow in the duck wings and tail. At the same time, the broken hair on the back and chest naturally fell off, and after about 20 days of feathers, the ducks resumed production.

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