Prevention of apple powdery mildew

Apple powdery mildew is a common disease of fruit trees. It occurs in apple production areas in our country. Individual areas and orchards occur more severely. Epidemiological history of diseases: Warm and dry years in spring are conducive to the early onset of diseases; summers are more rainy and cool, and autumns are sunny, which is conducive to later epidemics. Control methods: Take measures to cut off the buds of overwintering disease, remove the diseased shoots from the initial infection, and combine timely chemical control. 1, when the winter cut to completely cut off the disease, spring and summer careful examination and found that disease shoots (branches) in time to cut off, disease shoots (branches) to focus on burning or buried. 2, rational close planting, improve ventilation and light conditions, appropriate control of nitrogen fertilizer application, pay attention to nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, increase phosphorus, potash fertilizer. 3, apple tree spray before the United States spray 3-5 degrees lime sulfur, spray before the flower wave 0.5 degrees lime sulfur or 50% sulphur rubber suspension 150 times. 4. Spray 15% triadimefon 1000-1500 times once before flowering and 70% of flowering.

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