Radix Isatidis Cultivation and Planting Technology

The original plant of Banangen is indigo, a crucifer plant. Aliases: Grass Daqing, Lan Yi. With detoxification, cooling function. Indications of influenza, epidemic encephalitis, and hepatitis. The main production and Hebei Anguo, Jiangsu Nantong. It is cultivated throughout the country. Growth habits Indigo is the older of the sunshine plant, after sowing seedlings in autumn, is the vegetative growth stage, the winter through the vernalization stage of the open field, in the late spring to draw stems, flowering, solid and withered to complete the entire growth cycle. In order to use its roots and leaves during production, it is necessary to extend the camp growth time, sowing in the spring and harvesting it in the fall or early in the freezing season. Hi warm to the sunny environment, strict requirements on the soil. Drought-resistant, cold-resistant, avoid water.
Propagation method using seed propagation 1. With soil preparation: Indigo is a dark root system. It is better to choose a sandy loam with flat terrain, good drainage, and loose fertility. Apply 3000 to 4000 kg of base fertilizer per acre, spread the fertilizer evenly, deep plowing about 20 centimeters, cultivating the system and making it 1.2 to 1.5 wide.
2. Breeding: 1 seeds. From May to June, the seeds are ripened, harvested, dried, and stored in a ventilated, dry place. 2 sowing. Spring sowing in early April, summer sowing in late May. According to the row spacing 20, the ditch is ditched in the surface, the ditch depth is 2 to 3, the seeds are evenly scattered into the ditch, and the cover soil is slightly repressed to keep the soil moist, and the temperature can rise from 18 to 20 right.
Field management
1. Weeding: After emergence, even if weeding and weeding, normal growth of seedlings will occur 2 or 3 times a year.
2. Interfering: 3 to 5 cm time seedlings, to retain strong weak seedlings; seedlings about 10 cm high, according to the spacing of 5-8 cm seedlings.
3. Top dressing: In the period from late May to early June, 1,000 ounces of manure is applied per mu, or 10 kg of ammonium sulfate is applied per acre, and 12 kg of calcium superphosphate is added to the house.
Pest control diseases are leaf damage caused by downy mildew, producing white or off-white mould on the back of the leaves, and yellow leaves when severe. At the beginning of the disease, 50% of the bacteriostatic 1000 times spray was used for prevention and treatment. Insect pests have locusts, see Honeysuckle Pest Control.
Harvest processing
In October, the income was generated because the indigo had a deeper root, so as not to plan to cut it, first dig a 60-cm deep trench with a spade and cut the root with the ditches to shake off the dirt and cut the stem. Leaves, dried into medicine. Mu produce 400 kg of dry Ban Lang.

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