Chavez Xiaobian Tips: Saw Machine Use Raiders

The sawing machine sawing machine is designed to cut fresh meat, bone and frozen meat, bone or frozen meat.

Operating procedures (using vertical meat pushing device)

Standing in the operating position, the right hand places the meat between the saw band and the pushing device, and the left hand holds the handle of the pushing device. Then, the right hand holds the cut product, and the left hand begins to apply a constant pressure to the pushing device, pushing the product to be cut toward the saw band, and cutting it into a sheet shape. When sawing small pieces of meat, it is necessary to use the transition material to indirectly support the meat, and push the meat with a pusher plate or a pressing device. It is strictly forbidden to cut the meat directly by hand.

Only when the pushing device reaches the end point and remains in the vertical position, the product that has been cut into sheets can be taken out with the left hand. Then grab the pusher again and pull it toward you, placing the item to be cut in the proper position to prepare for the next cut.

When cutting boned meat products, be aware that cutting to the bone should exert more pressure than cutting the meat to protect the saw band and prevent the motor from interfering with wear.

When cutting, never change the cutting direction to avoid breaking the saw band and slamming the person. And avoid slipping the pulleys and belts.

Whenever possible, the item to be cut should be placed in the proper position so that the meat-containing part is cut earlier than the boned part.

1. When installing the saw band, pay attention to the direction of the saw blade, and the serrated tooth tip on the right cutting face faces down.

2. The blade should be pressed against the saw band, but the saw tip should not be touched, otherwise it will increase the noise and shorten the service life of the saw blade.

3. When the sawing machine is not in use, *** loosen the handle of the saw with the tension of the top of the machine by 2 turns, and then tighten the handle when the machine is turned on next time, so as to increase the service life of the saw blade.

4. After the door of the sawing machine is opened, the safety switch will stop the machine, but the saw belt will continue to rotate for a while under the action of inertia. At this time, do not touch the saw belt by hand.

5. It is recommended to wear safety gloves during operation.

6. Never grasp the meat directly by hand without any protection, especially when sawing smaller meat products, such as pig's trotters. The high-speed saw band will hurt your fingers even if you wear gloves. The gloves can only delay and reduce the damage. You should never be numb. You should concentrate on your operation and be careful.

Replace the saw band

When reloading the saw band, loosen the tensioning device (counterclockwise from the top of the machine) and install the new saw band. At this time, pay attention to the direction of the saw band (refer to the key note 1), otherwise the saw band will loosen and fall off. . It must be ensured that the saw band is correctly installed between the blade, the top pulley, the bottom pulley and the center disk, and can pass through the intermediate guide groove. In the case of an automatic tensioning device, the knob needs to be turned clockwise until the ratchet gear is released, indicating that the saw band has been properly tensioned.

Adjusting the saw band

In order to ensure the normal operation of the machine, it must be ensured that the saw band is indeed running on the pulley. In the correct state, the edge of the saw tooth edge should be in line with the leading edge of the pulley.

If it is not straight, it must be adjusted. You can adjust the tilt knob to loosen as follows. It can be seen that the tooth front moves backwards when the saw band is manually adjusted while tightening the knob. Similarly, when the knob is loosened, the tooth front moves forward. The centering must be performed by unscrewing and tightening the knob so that the error in the installation of the saw band is small and does not fall off. Turn the pulley by hand when adjusting the tilt knob.

After replacing the saw band, the saw band must be guaranteed to operate reliably before the machine is running.

Unplug the power supply before cleaning. Open the door, loosen the tensioning device and remove the saw band. Loosen the scraper protection knob to remove the scraper and clean them with a hard brush and hot water.

The interior and exterior of the doors and machine body, as well as the saw band and its protective devices, etc., can be cleaned with a damp cloth, hot water and a neutral detergent. After ***, dry it with a dry cloth.

Special care should be taken to clean the residue that builds up on machine dead angles, pulleys, pulley grooves, bottom scrapers and rear bearing caps.

The bolt must be removed in order to remove the bottom pulley. Since they are all left-handed, they should be rotated clockwise to loosen.

Avoid splashing water on the electrical parts.

Maintenance: After working for 200 hours, it is recommended to lubricate the guide of the tensioning device with a credit oil. Similarly, remove the tensioning device and lubricate its springs and threads. We recommend replacing the pulley bearing after 5000 hours of use.

The above is the little knowledge that Chavez Xiaobian gives you, I hope to help you!

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