Laying method for laying hens

During the breeding process, chickens often have a certain amount of soft-shelled eggs and thin-shelled eggs, mainly because the calcium intake of chickens does not meet the normal needs of the laying period. Implementing calcium supplementation on chickens can achieve the obvious effect of preventing soft shell eggs and thin shell eggs.

To choose a good calcium eggshell powder is best, shell powder, bone meal followed.

Selecting the appropriate feeding time can be done before the light is turned off in the afternoon to night. The best time is from 2 to 4 in the afternoon. It was determined that calcium absorbed in the afternoon or evening was used directly for the formation of eggshells on that day.

The amount of calcium supplemented by scientific supplements depends on the ratio of soft-shelled eggs to thin-shelled eggs. Generally soft shell and shell eggs disappear, chickens do not want to eat calcium material is appropriate, if the eggshell is not smooth, the emergence of protruding calcium, calcium is too much.

Correct feeding method

If it is free to eat, after 2 pm, let the chicken eat the feed in the trough first. When the chicken has a certain appetite every half hour, the calcium material to be added is evenly scattered in the trough; if it is timed Feeding can be done by feeding calcium before feeding in the afternoon and then feeding the full price feed.

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