Addition of special feed antibiotics

1, to strictly control the amount of added.

When using antibiotics, they should be used in accordance with the requirements of antibiotics. Do not increase the amount arbitrarily. For example, when oxytetracycline is used to treat special animal diseases, 10-15 grams per ton of feed can be added. According to the product specification, excessive dosage will not only increase the cost, enhance the resistance of pathogens, but also pollute the environment and reduce the benefits. .

2, to strictly control the medication time.

If the same kind of antibiotic is used for a long time, it will inhibit the normal growth and reproduction of some beneficial microorganisms in the intestine; if the administration time is controlled, it can effectively limit the residual amount of the drug in livestock and poultry products.

3, pay close attention to incompatibility.

There are many kinds of antibiotics sold on the market. If you do not pay attention to compatibility when you use it, it will not only fail to provide preventive treatment, but may also cause death from poisoning of special animals. Such as tetracyclines and penicillin, sulfa, chloramphenicol have incompatibility.

4, distinguish different special animal species.

The different growth stages and body size of different special animals and species of special animals. The level of production performance is different from that of antibiotics.

5. Mix well with the feed.

The use of antibiotics should be made into a premix, and then mix in the feed, which is easier to mix. It is forbidden to mix the antibiotic directly into the feed, which often causes animal poisoning due to uneven mixing.

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