Rain water saving agricultural machine use matters needing attention

At present, solar terms have passed rain. During spring and spring sowing seasons, due to the characteristics of the climate and the machinery itself, agricultural machinery is most susceptible to “diseases” in the event of improper use, so as to reduce malfunctions, improve operational efficiency, and ensure the safe production of agricultural machinery. In accordance with the provisions of the operation of agricultural machinery, but also pay attention to the following aspects.

First, after the rain has changed greatly, the correct use of the cooling system for power machinery cannot be ignored. 1, to continue to do a good job of antifreeze to prevent the "cold spring", when the night temperature is below 0 °C, should be let go of cooling water, so as not to crack the body; 2, the machine starts at a low temperature, should start the warm-up start; 3, It is necessary to put the normal temperature of the quasi-main engine. When the water temperature reaches above 40°C, it can run at no-load; 60°C or more can be used for load operation; the normal operating temperature should be maintained at 80-95°C.

Second, due to rain, rainfall gradually increased, coupled with large temperature difference between day and night, agricultural machinery lubrication system must be maintained according to the required standards, the use of standard lubricants, thermal coefficient and viscosity should be moderate.

Third, before the use of agricultural machinery to conduct a comprehensive maintenance. Do a good job of lubrication, adjustment, fastening, etc., to avoid the looseness and astringency of different parts and components caused by the idle time of the agricultural machinery, so as to ensure that the equipment is put into operation with a good technical condition.

4. When the tractor is finished, it should be parked in a shelter that is sheltered from wind and warm. If placed in the open air, the battery should be removed to prevent the cold temperature of the battery from freezing and rain soaking.

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