How to Prevent Fallen Disease of Coniferous Broad-leaved Tree Seedlings

Blight disease, also known as blight, is an important disease for many seedlings of coniferous broad-leaved trees.

In our country, the pathogens causing damping-off are Rhizoctonia solani Kiiha and various Fusarium spp.

There are four types of symptoms: (1) When the buds are uncovered, they rot and die, which is called seed rot. (2) The seedlings are freshly emerged, the tip of the cotyledon becomes brown, and the rotten hook head is dead, which is called tip rot. (3) Seedlings. Not long after unearthing, the seedling stems were discolored and rotted near the ground and rotted. The seedlings fell down and died. The most serious type was the damage; (4) After the seedlings were unearthed two months later, the stems had been lignified. The young roots are rotted and rotted, and the seedlings stand erect and die.

Control methods:

The prevention and control of damping-off disease should be mainly based on nursery techniques and supplemented by chemical control.

1. Choose a land with flat terrain, well-drained, loose and fertile land, avoid use of sticky soil, and use the land as a melon, cotton, potato, vegetable, etc. as a nursery, choose a sunny site, build a fine bed, and use a thick yellow bed 1--2 cm, then sowing.

2, select seeds, do a good job germination work, timely sowing, timely exposing the grass, dry irrigation irrigation row, to ensure that the emergence of neat seedlings, seedlings full seedling strong.

3, sowing soil in the seedbed or sowing ditch. Medicinal soil can be formulated with the following pesticides: 1 to 1.5 kg per hectare of enemy cough pine; 2.5 to 3 kg per hectare of Su Nong 6401; 1:1 mixture of quintozensenzinc. 5 to 3 kilograms (use in northern China is appropriate), the pesticide is mixed with 30 to 40 times fine dry soil, or crushed with 15 to 20 kilograms of ferrous sulfate per mu.

4. During the onset of seedlings, the above-mentioned medicinal soil may also be applied. If it is dry and fine, it can be sprinkled with 500 to 800 times the enemy Kesong or Su Nong 6401 WP 800 to 1000 times or 1 to 3% of ferrous sulfate solution, in order to wet the surface of the seedbed soil, sulfuric acid The ferrous iron has phytotoxicity to the seedlings and should be sprayed with clean water after application. Medicinal soil or liquid medicine is applied once every 10 days or so, for a total of two or three times, which can inhibit the development of diseases. According to local experience in Guangdong, the use of fresh and destroyed 5000 times liquid or 8:2 ash lime and lime has also been effective.

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