Technical and safety guidelines for cultivating machinery

First, check and adjust the front wheel alignment. When the front wheel of the tractor is excessively inclined and the front toe is small, it can cause partial wear during walking. The main reason is that the front axle bearing and the shaft sleeve are deformed by impact, or the front axle telescopic sleeve fastening device is loose, which will cause the front wheel alignment angle to change, causing abnormal wear. Therefore, in the use of the process must always check the front-wheel positioning angle is moderate, and adjust the front beam.

Second, the correct operation, careful driving. When the tractor is walking, care should be taken not to cross the obstacles at high speed, to make sharp turns without heavy load, to drive at a low speed on uneven roads, and to avoid emergency braking as much as possible; when climbing on load-bearing roads or on muddy roads Can not make the walking system seriously slippery.

Third, pay attention to operating conditions. When a tractor is working in a low-lying paddy field, it is necessary to avoid trapping as much as possible. After the vehicle is trapped, it must be towed and pushed out. The method of increasing throttle (black smoke) is not available to make the running system adjust to idle. Work in dry ground with sharp roots and high stubble to prevent tires from being twisted and twisted by the straw.

Fourth, timely cleaning and cleaning. After the tractor is finished, it is necessary to remove (wash) the sludge contaminated on the wheels and crawler in time to keep the walking system clean. In particular, the end surface oil seal of the roller must be cleaned, inspected and maintained in time. In addition, care must be taken not to contaminate rubber tires with corrosive substances such as oil, acids, and alkalis.

Fifth, maintain normal tire pressure and track tension. Before using the tractor, carefully check the tire pressure is normal (transport operations can be slightly higher, the field operations should be lower; winter can be slightly higher, the summer should be lower), so as not to cause abortion or puncture. Tracks that are too loose or too tight tend to cause accelerated wear on track shoes, track shafts, and wheels. Therefore, proper tension must be maintained.

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