Pre-harvest management of Chinese narcissus

[Scientific name]Narcissus tazetta L.var.chinensis Roem

[Other middle names] Chunyun, Jin Panyu, Jinyu Narcissus, Jinyu Yintai, Jinyu Yutai, Gaolan, Lingbo Ke, Lingbo Fairy, Naxi Sesi, Female History Flower, Actress, Matching Element , Narcissus, daffodils, green onions, garlic, snow flowers, Yake, Ya garlic, Yao female flowers.

[Common genus] Amaryllidaceae Narcissus genus.

[Origin] China Quzhou region.

[Horticulture Features] Chinese narcissus leafy green, floral overflowing, is commonly used seasonal flowers during the Chinese New Year Spring Festival. Its bulbs are mainly used for potted water culture and cut flower production.

[Pre-harvest management] Planting density is 9-12 plants per square meter. Chinese daffodils prefer a moist soil environment. The plant can be applied with rot leaves as basal fertilizer at the time of colonization. During the vigorous growth stage, thin liquid fertilizer should be applied once a week. Hi plenty of sunlight, it is best to ensure full sunshine. Environmental ventilation helps improve the post-harvest quality of the bulb. Chinese narcissus like cool, avoid high temperature, growth temperature is suitable for 12 ~ 18 °C, winter temperature should not be lower than -3 °C.

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