The best depth for each fertilization period

1. Seed Fertilizer As a seed fertilizer, the fertilizer applied is generally applied in the lower part of the seed or in the lower part of the seed. Fertilizer and seed should be kept at an appropriate distance, usually 3-5 cm, to avoid burned seeds. Therefore, fertilizers used as seed fertilizers have a suitable depth of 5-6 cm.
2. When the topdressing fertilizer is topdressing, the plant roots have been initially developed. If mechanical topdressing is used, rooting should be minimized. The depth of fertilization should not be too great, and the horizontal distance (sideways) from the plant should also be appropriate. Under normal circumstances, top-dressing, narrow rows of crops such as wheat and other topdressing depth of 6-8 cm is appropriate, wide crops such as corn and other top dressing depth of 8-12 cm is appropriate, lateral distance of 10-15 cm is appropriate .
3, the role of fertilizer base fertilizer is in the late stage of crop growth, when the roots of the crop has matured, the plant is tall and dense, top-dressing is more difficult to operate, mainly rely on the application of the bottom fertilizer before planting to play a role. Base fertilizers are often 15-20 cm deep or deeper. Plowing fertilization is a simple and easy way. There are two main methods: One is to spread the fertilizer on the ground and then plow it into the soil; the other is to apply the fertilizer to the furrow at the same time as the ploughing operation, that is, when the ploughing is applied.

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