Rex rabbit breeding process seven taboos

Avoid rabbits in wet rabbits love to dry, like to clean, so every day to clean the rabbit house, rabbit cage, clean up the feces, cleaning feeding utensils, regular disinfection, keep the rabbit house clean, dry and sanitary.
Avoid surprises Rex rabbits are timid, quiet, not onlookers, noisy, but do not easily capture, but also to prevent infestation of cats, dogs, rats.
Do not suddenly change the feed fodder alone does not meet the nutritional needs, should be diversified, green and coarse, but can not suddenly change, to gradually transition before it reduces stress, is conducive to the rabbit's digestion and growth.
Avoiding feeding at night to stop rabbits has the habit of nocturnal feeding. Feeding forage at night is more important than daytime, especially feeding at night, which is more conducive to growth and growth.
Avoid feed spoilage or contaminated moldy feed Harmful to Rex Rabbit Health, must not feed the spoilage of fodder, give clean fodder and clean water.
Avoid early mating and close relatives should strictly control the initial mating age, general male rabbits need 7 to 8 months of age, female rabbits 5 to 6 months of age. Male rabbits are not allowed to breed more than twice a day for 1 day and rest for 3 days. At the same time, attention should be paid to the kinship when mating, and the offspring of the inbreds have weak constitution, slow growth, and deterioration of fur quality.
Avoiding weaning prematurely or early weaning the sooner, the higher the mortality rate of pups, but too late will lead to slow growth, while affecting the reproduction of the next child. For this reason, it is appropriate to wean in 35 to 43 days and weigh around 750 grams. After weaning, feed digestible granules and feed less green feed.

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