Raising four suggestions

Raising four suggestions

At present, in addition to remarkable achievements in the breeding of Chinese cockroaches, there are also the following problems: the quality of clam meat is poor, the individuals are small, the medicinal functions are not strong, and the selling price is not high; the environment, water quality, provenance, and feed for breeding There are some problems that cannot be ignored in medicine, medicine and management. To this end, several suggestions for filial piety are offered to the cultivators.

First, the selection of aquaculture sites was the beginning of success due to the habit of hibernation (in the Zengcheng area from November of the year to about January of the following year). It requires quietness and the breeding period is longer than that of fish. Therefore, the aquaculture site selection criteria should be the surrounding non-polluting sources (without factories, mines and villages), adequate natural water sources, easy supplementation of water sources in Dianchi Lake, long illumination time, remoteness and quietness, convenient transportation, and safe management. The scale of breeding will depend on the capital, technology, and marketing capabilities of the company (enterprise). Do not greed for the ocean, but combine the actual situation with the ability to make money and make more money for the scale.

Second, water quality management is the key to controlling rickets. Rickets is a major problem that plagues the city's breeding industry.

Relying on drugs to prevent rickets is not only difficult to obtain the ideal control effect, but also easy to destroy the ecological balance of the structure of the water and affect the quality of commercial products (easily cause harmful drug residues exceeding the standard of endangering human health). If you can focus on water quality management, the problem of rickets has basically disappeared. As regards the specific measures for water quality management, we have adopted the following methods: 1. Juvenile fish ponds, adult clam ponds, and pro-chondeon ponds. The amount of clams and squid (more than 250 g of tails) are stocked. Plankton, to maintain reasonable phytoplankton photosynthesis, so that the water body to maintain a reasonable amount of dissolved oxygen and moderate fertilizer, to achieve the role of water quality regulation; 2, in Dianchi acres bamboo rafts in the corner of the pond sidebar 50-60 square meters breeding A water lotus, which absorbs excess ammonia nitrogen from the water. The young leaves of the water lettuce are used as green fodder for pigs, chickens and fish to purify the water quality. 3. During the breeding season (from March to October), Dianchi Lake is often filled with fresh water from the slope (the long stream of mountain streams) and the old water is discharged properly. Water, to maintain the quality of fresh water; 4, the appropriate amount of lime release, and acidity, increase the pH, the release of nutrients, to improve the role of water quality.

Third, the bait management is an effective way to improve the quality of loquat In the process of intensive cultivation, some people use the high-protein feed as a loquat feed in order to achieve the goal of keeping the loquat growing fast and going to market early. In fact, excessively high protein feeds not only cause inconvenience to the water quality management of the rearing water, but also are detrimental to the quality of rearing quails. As we all know, the market price for wild eels is more than 1 times higher than that of artificial breeding, and it is still in short supply. Therefore, to properly reduce the protein in the feed, especially animal protein content. Through feed management, it is completely possible to raise the flavor of wild quail under conditions of artificial rearing. For example, if a farmer breeds fish for up to 4 years (from hatching and emergence to the market), a body weight of 3-5 pounds or more and a selling price of 160 yuan or more per kilogram is more than 1 times higher than the ordinary market price. He adopts a sub-scale sub-variety of pond culture, divided into juvenile, juvenile, adult, and extra-large species (more than 2 pounds each), and the multi-level breeding of the pro-challenge pool. The juveniles feed on fly maggots, red worms, cockroaches, and ponds. The aquatic animals in the center are mainly supplemented with a small amount of juvenile feed (egg yolk, etc.); young, adult, and lychx ponds are given suitable shellfish such as snails, snails, snails, snails, snails, oysters, oysters, etc. Self-producing and self-education, no matter what food is eaten, there is no need to feed artificial synthetic feed at all. As a result of long-term natural wild farming, resulting in the reduction of fat and protein content of the pupa kept, the wolfberry cultivated the flavor of the wild wolfberry under artificial conditions (strong medicinal functions, nourishing yin and yang, producing blood, and curing cancer). Poison, longevity, etc.) are expensive.

Fourth, provenance quality management is the basis for raising aquaculture production. As the saying goes: "Cultivate a good half pond fish." Explain the importance of pure breeds. We often eliminate old, sick and miscellaneous inferior varieties, supplement wild and healthy Chinese sturgeon as a reserve seed source, so as to ensure that the quality of the cultured alfalfa germplasm is pure, so as to achieve stable yield and high yield.

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