Live rice field removal: a second kill three

In the early stage of direct-seeding paddy fields, wetting is dominant, which is conducive to the occurrence of wet and marsh weeds. After the water layer is established, it is conducive to occurrence of shallow aquatic and aquatic weeds. There are many weed species, and weeds grow synchronously with rice seedlings. Long, heavy occurrence, serious grass damage, selection and use of herbicides is the key to the success of rice direct seeding cultivation.
I. Characteristics of live weed in paddy fields There are multiple grassing peaks in direct-seeded paddy fields. After 5-7 days of rice sowing, the first grassing peak appears, mainly in the fields of medlar, Qianjin, and intestines; 15-20 days after sowing. The second grass peak appeared, mainly sedges, strewn vegetables, artesian vegetables, and beech grasses, such as Cyperaceae and broadleaf weeds; 20-30 days after sowing, part of the plot appeared third The grassy peaks are mainly fireflies and sedges. There are more weeds in direct-seeded rice fields than in direct-seeded rice fields, with both wet weeds and dry land weeds. The live weeds of weeds in the paddy field and the golden grasses occur early, with a long period of occurrence and a large amount, and can account for 30-70% of the total amount of weeds and over 25 days for the grassy period.

Second, the key first step: "One"
The general principle of removing weeds from direct seeding rice fields is “one kill and three fills”. "One" is the closed soil treatment before planting. This is the most critical step for direct weeding in paddy fields. Herbicides with broad herbicide spectrum and good soil sealing effect should be selected to fully control the occurrence of weeds at the first peak of weeding, otherwise it will increase the pressure of subsequent weeding.
There are many types of herbicides currently registered in the live broadcast of rice that are suitable for pre-emergence seedlings after sowing, and among them, there are many combinations of pretilachlor and bensulfuron-methyl. Considering the safety and production of rice seedlings, herbicide products registered in direct-seeded rice fields should be selected and used strictly in accordance with their instructions.
Dry direct rice fields, generally after seeding, seedlings, after the seedlings on the water, the water is naturally drained and dried for the first time after the first application, the herbicide is suitable for a thousand waves (30% pretilin EC), and live-net (40% benzyl chloride) Grass wettable powder), rapid removal (35% cumbenzatin wettable powder) and so on. During the treatment and within 3 to 5 days after the application, the field surface is kept moist, but there can be no accumulation of water and timely drainage in case of rain.
The water is broadcast in paddy fields, and the medicine is used 3-4 days after sowing. The applicable medicines are: Qianlonglang, Swept, New Maret, Bensulfuron, etc.
When seeds are sown, reduce exposed seeds to avoid affecting the emergence rate. A lot of dew-seeded plots can be selected to use a high-safety-thickness wave, mixed with bensulfuron-methyl spray. When herbicides containing precloamide are applied, it is required that the seed roots of rice seeds grow and have absorption functions.

Third, according to the grass phase "second kill"
The "second kill" is to control the old weeds that remain after the first removal after establishing and stabilizing the water layer, taking into consideration the control of the weeds at the second peak of weeding. We should select herbicides that have both stem and leaf treatment effects and soil sealing effect according to the grassy phase. Suitable herbicides include dichlorobenzyl and the like. If there is more gold in the field and older grasses, the EC should be used to treat the stems and leaves (a sulfonylurea herbicide such as bensulfuron methyl and herbicides such as 2A and 4 chlorine cannot be used within one week). If the fields are not rich in gold and weeds are large, we can use herbicides such as rice straw to treat stems and leaves. The first closure treatment has good effect, and it can continue to use herbicides such as pretilachlor, butachlor, bensulfuron-methyl to seal the soil, and control the occurrence of weeds during the second peak of grass weeding. Wild cyperaceae weeds more fields, should use herbicide such as azosulfuron.

Fourth, pick and cure, make up for sweeping grass and grass "three supplements" is after "a", "two kills", there are still some vicious weeds in the field, take a method of ruling to eliminate grass. At this time, the grass age is often relatively large, the effective and safe herbicides are less applicable, and the dosage should be increased. It can be used to prevent thousands of gold Emulsion, a hundred division (10% Emu Cyanide Fluorine EC). Broad-leaved weeds and sedges can be controlled by herbicides such as chlorsulfuron. The wild wolfberry can be controlled by the use of quebracho, Bendason and 2A and 4 chlorine.

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