Spraying rice leaf fertilizer should pay attention to the problem

The timing of mastering is most suitable for spraying big rice early-season, heading ear, grouting, and full-heading stage. It takes more than one hour to spray once per mu. If spraying fertilizer is at the time of flowering, it should be sprayed in the morning before flowering and after 4pm.

Processing Liquid Fertilizer Various available nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, triacontanol, borax, silkworm feces, and human and animal urine can all be used as foliar fertilizers. The dosage per mu is not large, but it must be processed into liquid fertilizer first. The day before the quick-acting fertilizer Application is dissolved by 5 to 10 times of water to prevent it from being sprayed and dried. Human and animal urine should first be decomposed in the pond, and silkworm excrement should be dissolved 10 times in water, filtered after 24 hours, and then sprayed on the water. The borax is broken first, then stirred with a small amount of water to form a concentrated solution, and then sprayed on the foot. .

According to the growth of seedlings, the symptoms of the disease are sprayed with green phosphorus, green and poplar plots spray phosphorus potassium fertilizer. Urea 0.25 grams per acre, superphosphate 0.5 kilogram, potassium chloride 0.25 kilograms plus 60 kilograms of water spray; or per acre with cooked cow urine 2.5 to 3.7 kilograms, superphosphate 1 kilogram to water 60 kilograms. Leaf color is green and yellow, the growth is not neat, the land is thin and the plot is mainly sprayed with nitrogenous fertilizer, combined with nitrogen and phosphorus.

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