Beware of bird feathers

Beware of bird feathers Feathers are unique derivatives of poultry skin. Freshly hatched chicks have fine, slender hairs. Adult healthy poultry feathers are compact, smooth, smooth and shiny. When the following changes occur in the feathers, you need to make a careful distinction. Perhaps the birds are sick.

1. Feather fluffy, dirty, dull: more common in paratyphoid fever, chronic fowl cholera, colibacillosis, scrub typhus, tsutsugamushi disease, trematode disease, vitamin A deficiency, vitamin B1 deficiency and so on.

2. Feather fluffy, reverse standing: more common in hot fever caused by infectious diseases, chills, such as Newcastle disease, infectious bursal disease and so on.

3. Feathers become brittle, broken, and fall off: They are more common in poultry flea, ectoparasitic diseases, zinc deficiency, and biotin deficiency. It can also be seen that the bird's own feathers are feathered, and the feathering of the neck of the cage chicken is caused by friction with the chicken cage.

4. Poor or decolored feathers: more common in folic acid deficiency; also found in pantothenic acid deficiency, vitamin D deficiency.

5. The edges of the rachis are curled and small nodules are formed: they are more common in zinc deficiency, vitamin B2 deficiency, or infection with certain viruses.

6. Feather flies: During the examination, the feathers of the head, under the wings, and under the abdomen are turned over by hand. It can be seen that the feather-sized feathers that are light yellow or gray-white needles crawl on feathers, fluff, or skin.

7. Purebred poultry grow heterochromic feathers: more common in genetic variation of poultry, lack of some nutrients (such as iron, copper, folic acid, vitamin D, etc.).

8. Feather growth delay: more common in the lack of folic acid, pantothenic acid, biotin, zinc, selenium, and the like.

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