Angry how to do? It's good to eat these foods

"Get angry" is a special term for Chinese medicine. When people have dry throat pain, red eyes, blistering nasal cavity, dry tongue pain, and bad mouth corners, nosebleeds, toothache and other symptoms, it is said that Chinese medicine is "get angry." There is a deeper meaning to get angry, that is, some of the generalized symptoms of getting angry, such as stomach fire can have stomach pain, dry stool and other symptoms, lung fire can have hemoptysis, cough, jaundice and other symptoms, anger will have some irritability Insomnia, women have breast tenderness, etc.

Fire therapy

Dry lips

Recommended: Cucumber Kiwi Juice

Practice: 200 grams of cucumber, 30 grams of kiwi, 200 ml cold water, honey, two tsp. Cucumber washed seeded, leaving the skin cut into small pieces, kiwifruit peeled and cut into the juicer together, add cold water to stir, pour out honey and drink it for an hour before meals.


Cucumber is cool and cool, it can enter the spleen and stomach, clearing heat and detoxifying, and benefiting water. It can treat heat, thirst, sore throat. The kiwi fruit is sour and sour, it can enter into the kidney and stomach, and the function is antipyretic and thirst-quenching. Other vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables can also be used, such as tomatoes, grapefruit and so on. Reminder: Do not use your tongue to dry your lips. It will only dry.

Dry itchy skin

Recommended: sweet potato fried melon (young cucumber)

Practice: 300 grams of sweet potatoes, 100 grams of milk melon, parsley leaves, scallion, minced garlic. Sweet potatoes and milk melons are cut into pieces. When the oil is hot, put it in garlic and scallion. Pour in the sweet potato and stir into the milk and fry. Add appropriate amount of water, salt, chicken essence and the soup. You can. Comments: Sweet potato contains a variety of vitamins and calcium, phosphorus and iron, its Gan Ping non-toxic, tonic to strengthen the spleen and strong kidney, while the tender cucumber also contains a lot of vitamins, so the skin has some benefits. Reminder: Don't scratch your skin when your skin itches.

Dry hair

Recommended: candied walnut

Practice: candied 250 grams, 100 grams of walnuts, sugar amount. Put the jujube into the core, wash and drain the water; cook it together with walnuts and sugar in a small pot; until the soup is thick and the walnut is soft, you can turn off the fire and eat it. This sweet soup nourishes the liver and kidneys, moistens the lungs, and nourishes the hair.


Walnut sweet warm, can enter the kidney, liver and lungs, can be laxative, but also to black blood hair, Jiufu can make the skin delicate and smooth. The candied fruit can nourish the lungs and dryness, so it has more benefits to the hair. In addition, other nuts, fish, and whole grains also have many benefits for hair. Reminder: Try not to blow your hair with a hair dryer to avoid getting dry.

Swelling of the throat

Recommended: Honey pear cream

Practice: Take a pear, squeeze it into a pear juice with a juicer, add the right amount of honey, and make it into a paste with mild fire. A spoonful a day can clear away heat, fluid, and throat. Comments: honey Gan Ping, lung spleen and colon, can Runchang bowel, lungs and throat, but also detoxification. Pear is slightly sour and cool, and it enters the spleen of the lungs. It can cure thirst, cough and constipation. Therefore, the combination of the two can play a role in the throat. Fresh green leafy vegetables, cucumbers, oranges, green tea, pears, carrots also have a good fire-clearing effect. Reminder: During the "to get angry", should not eat spicy food, drinking, smoking, should pay attention to maintaining oral hygiene, often gargle, drink plenty of water.

Nose bleeding

Recommended: Fruit Sago Dew

Method: After washing sago, pour boiling water; cook until sago translucent, separate sago from hot water; cook a pot of boiling water, pour the translucent sago into boiling water and cook until Fully transparent, pour boiling water; cook a small pot of milk and add a little sugar; pour sago into milk and boil until boil; cook sago milk and let it cool, add fruit diced.


The use of cool fruits such as pears, oranges, apples, kiwis, bananas, clear heat, plus sago and milk to nourish the spleen and stomach, is a good way to winter conditioning. Eating cold foods, such as radish, lotus seeds, and preserved eggs, can be effectively relieved. Reminder: Do not drink plenty of cold drinks at a time to prevent injury to your stomach.


1, tea can be excited nervous center, eliminate fatigue, heat and reduce heat, throat thirst, sleep less thinking; tea can be added to a variety of vitamins, improve the quality of human health; drinking tea can promote food absorption and metabolism, can improve the human body Mineral levels, can regulate the body's glucose metabolism in the treatment of diabetes; tea can diuretic, enhance renal excretion; drinking tea can prevent aging, prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease; drinking tea can eyesight, anti-inflammatory, detoxification, lower stomach fire, resistance to radiation damage And anti-cancer effects. Among them, Pintie Guanyin and green tea have the best results.

2, grapefruit: heat to heat

3, boiled green bean soup

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