How to water the stump bonsai

Bonsai tree stumps are planted in pots. Generally, the pots are shallow and thin, and the water in the pot soil is not easy to maintain. In addition, the high temperature in summer, the water evaporates easily, and the stump needs a large amount of water. Watering the stumps in time will lead to lack of water. , dry piles, basin soil dried up and died. In summer, how to properly meet the watering requirements of tree stumps must be mastered as follows:

First, we must have a good grasp of basin soil and water temperature. Generally watering, basin soil temperature and water temperature should remain the same or similar, such as basin soil temperature and water temperature difference is too large, can not be poured. When watering in summer, it is necessary to know that the water temperature is the same or similar to the soil temperature and temperature and then watered.

Second, pay attention to the water quality. Water the tree stump bonsai, rain, river water, pond water as well. Particularly acidic and acidic stumps in the south, it is best to use rainwater to water, and to use water from rivers and ponds. However, in the north, due to the alkaline soil, the river water and the pond water also contain salt and alkali components. Watering with this kind of water is not conducive to the growth of the Xiamu plants. At this time, if there is no rain water, piles of cooked rice can be used. Dilute and pour the pile. In addition, tap water from the tap water and goldfish tank can also be poured into neutral and partial alkali stumps. If tap water is used, it must be sun dried for a few days before the chlorine in the water can run away. Soapy laundry water, saline-alkali water, and chemically contaminated water must not be used to pour.

Third, watering depends on changes in the weather. Each morning and evening watering once each time, before and after noon to add water and water, in addition to spray surface, pot surface, outside the pile, pots and piles should always spray water, keep the basin around the air humidity, to prevent the pots of yellow leaves Dry leaves, charred leaves, do not water even on rainy days, and the basin can not be filled with water to prevent long-term accumulation of water erosion roots, resulting in the death of the pile.

Fourth, we must look at the pot size, depth and pot quality. Small, shallow stumps, more watering. The pots are large and deep, with a large amount of water in the pots and bowls, but they are still evaporating and the number of watering times is correspondingly less. Watering should be treated differently according to pot quality. Pots and basins have good permeable properties, basins are easy to evaporate, easy to dry, watering times should be more, and the amount of watering should also be larger. Ceramic basins, stone basins, glazed basins and plastic basins, basin walls are impermeable to air, impervious to water, basin soils are not easy to dry, the number of waterings should be less, and the amount of watering should also be smaller.

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