Why greenhouse warming agent is the protective god of vegetables

A few days ago, the weather turned cold, and farmers were thinking of ways to raise the temperature inside the greenhouse to facilitate the healthy growth of off-season vegetables. In general, they will adopt greenhouses and heat lamps and other measures, but this method is very power-consuming and costly. At this time, greenhouse warmers have become the most powerful "protector" of greenhouse vegetables.

During soil preparation, planting or planting seed beds, the soil is filled with cow dung, pig dung, fresh garbage, manure, and crushed straw and straw. The appropriate amount of warming agent is then added to the greenhouse. Finally, vegetable garden soil and straw materials are buried. After adding the warming agent to the Gempont greenhouse, the functional microorganisms multiply and multiply rapidly, and the microorganisms can generate a large amount of heat, carbon dioxide, enzymes, and other various metabolites during the fermentation decomposition process. Adequate supply of carbon dioxide, significant increase in temperature and ground temperature (ground temperature can be increased by 4 to 8°C), helping to facilitate the growth and development of vegetables in unfavorable environmental conditions such as low temperature; beneficial microorganisms multiplying, various enzymes formed during biochemical reactions And other disease resistance factors, so that the disease resistance of vegetables greatly enhanced, can save more than 70% of the cost of pesticides; straw maturity produces a lot of organic and inorganic nutrients, so that the soil is nutritious, fertile, so that the crop grows robust, can save half The above amount of chemical fertilizers; due to the greatly reduced use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the quality of fruits and vegetables can be significantly improved, the appearance and taste are significantly improved, the selling price is good, the commodity rate is high, and the economic benefits are significant.

After years of practice, Jinbao greenhouse warmers and supporting technologies can be applied to all kinds of crop greenhouses (all kinds of greenhouse return season fruits, vegetables, all kinds of flowers and plants, etc.), and the effect of warming and heat preservation is very significant. For details, please contact: Beijing Huaxia Kangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. Telephone Toll Free Hotline:

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