How to prevent warts?

The disease is very ferocious because it is a disease caused by a large number of pathogens that have fallen on a large area after being infected by various bacteria. It is often a field planted last year, which is more severe this year. The main pathogens causing fleas are fungal fusarium wilt and anthrax. Due to the large variety of pathogens, it is difficult to control it by one method. If we consider it from the perspective of comprehensive prevention and control, if we start from the beginning and tighten the ring, we can control the effect of the deterrent. The focus should be on the following aspects:

It is strictly forbidden to farm in the fields. Last year, the plots were planted, especially those that had occurred in the past year. This year, they must not be planted.

Strictly choose the best off. Can not use the last year's sickness field to plant. The species must be removed in advance from lesions and scars.

Seeds and their seedbed soil must be strictly disinfected, such as treatment with 0.1% thiophanate, can kill most of the bacteria.

Before transplanting, first use Dixon to disinfect soil in Daejeon.

Intensify the observation of the condition during the peak period of delivery, and once the lesions are found, protect the lesions with broad-spectrum pesticides such as insecticides. If anthrax, blight or rust occurs, it can be treated with a 1000-fold solution of 10% water (difenoconazole).

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