Source sealer manual

Source King Sealing Machine Instruction Manual I. Product Introduction:

The temperature control electric box of "Yuanjing Brand" film sealing and cutting machine and sealing machine produced by our factory is designed and manufactured by imported electronic components. The product quality is good, the service life is long, the power consumption is low, the production efficiency is high, safe and reliable, and it is widely used. Various types of packaging and processing industries.

Second, the use of:

1. Adjust the “temperature coarse adjustment” to the “1” position, then adjust the “temperature fine adjustment” to the “low” position, then turn on the 220V AC power supply (the switching power indicator light is on), then you can test the machine. operating.

2. The temperature coarse adjustment is divided into 10 files, the relative film thickness of each file is about 0.02mm, and the temperature fine adjustment has a stepless adjustment function from 0-0.02mm.

3. Debug the heat sealing temperature corresponding to the film thickness. The sealing machine (sealing and cutting machine) can work normally. When the foot pedal is pressed, the heating wire will be energized and heated, and the green work light will also be bright. After the work light is extinguished, the heating wire will be heated. No current is passed and no heat is generated.

Third, note:

1. The sealing machine produced by our factory (except for special sealing machine) should use the specification: flat heating wire of 3mm×0.2mm or less, and the diameter of round heating wire is 0.7mm or less. If you need to use a large flat, round heating wire or use special heating wire, please design and manufacture with our factory, increase the power of the temperature control electric box, otherwise it will damage the output transformer and damage the temperature control box.

2. When installing the heating wire, the springs of the spring seats on both sides should be tightened, otherwise the heating wire will be deformed by heat, resulting in uneven sealing. During operation, the operator should avoid contact with the heating wire and the spring holder with the heating wire to ensure safe production.

3. The heating wire should be kept clean to prevent the plastic after melting from sticking to the heating wire, otherwise it will affect the sealing effect and the life of the heating wire.

4. There must be high temperature resistant tape or other thin high temperature resistant insulating material between the two ends of the heating wire and the aluminum material. It should not be in direct contact. Otherwise, the heating wire will be short-circuited, the heating wire will be blown, and the temperature control box will be damaged.

5. When the film is sealed, do not release the foot pedal immediately after the work indicator light is extinguished. Keep the pressure for 2-3 seconds, so that the sealing can be straight and beautiful. If the film is cut at the same time, the film should be slightly tightened to facilitate the blade. Cut off, make the film seal straight, not bad angle, to improve the sealing effect and product quality.

6. If the film breaks during sealing, it is caused by overheating of the temperature. The temperature should be adjusted coarsely or the temperature should be down-regulated. The specific sealing temperature depends on the characteristics of the plastic film. It is difficult to generalize and should be carefully debugged before production. To improve production quality and production efficiency. (The wider the heating wire, the longer the cooling time)

7. The various screws of the sealing machine and sealing and cutting machine produced by our factory have been adjusted well, especially the aluminum material and the silicone balance bar on the panel, and can not be arbitrarily transferred, otherwise it will easily cause the film sealing to be uneven.

8. In addition to the special custom-made machine, the temperature-controlled electric box produced by our factory is generally recommended to use 1-4 files. If the gear position is over the assembly, the heating wire is easily broken and the service life of the electric box is shortened, and the transformer is easily burned out.

Fourth, product warranty regulations:

All the “Yuanjing” sealing machine, sealing and cutting machine, special-shaped machine, etc. produced by our factory, if it is non-human damage from the date of purchase, can be repaired free of charge within one year (outside the design scope) Heating wire, excessive voltage, lightning strikes, etc.). If the free maintenance period is exceeded, our factory will recover the cost of the work as appropriate.

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