Peasants Daily commented: When it is good to promote the spring management of the "four members"

——Second opinion The "Plants and Millions of Household Surveys" activity of the Ministry of Agriculture is the first stage of agricultural production in the whole year and it is also an important point of achieving the goal of "two increase and one stable" for grain. Solidly grasping the Spring Breeding work in Springtime and striving to win the first battle for summer grain is crucial to boosting social confidence, reducing inflationary pressures, and stabilizing food production throughout the year.

Right now, it is the most critical and most critical period for spring planting. During this important agricultural period, the Ministry of Agriculture once again launched the “100 households survey” campaign, sent 123 comrades to the grassroots, and assisted local governments in their efforts to carry out the drought-resistant and spring-control cultivation and spring plowing. The staff of the “Peasants and Ten Thousand Farmers Survey” must seize this key agricultural time and closely focus on ensuring the stable growth of grain production and the rapid growth of farmers' income. Go deep into the grassroots, go deep into the frontline, go deep into practice, go deep into the masses, and early mobilize and arrange early. Early deployment, to promote the spring planting spring is a good "four members."

As a "promoter" of the "three rural" policy, fully mobilize and stimulate farmers' enthusiasm for production. The time of preparation for cultivation is a critical point for stabilizing the sown area of ​​grain. The key to stably expanding the sown area of ​​grain is that farmers are willing to grow grain, grow grain, grow good grain, and sell good prices. At present, all agricultural support policies and work task requirements have been clarified. The key is that each research group must be a good “promotion worker” for the “three rural” policy, assist local authorities in implementing the policy, ensure that policy implementation is not out of shape, and the benefits for farmers are not diminished. Maximize the effect of policy incentives. It is necessary to increase policy propaganda so that various agricultural policies and benefits will be well-known and deeply rooted in people's minds, so that farmers are willing to farm from the heart. It is necessary to earnestly urge all localities to put their policies into full and timely delivery in a timely manner and fulfill their obligations to the households so that farmers can rest assured that they can farm their fields and thus gain the initiative for food production throughout the year and for the entire agricultural production.

As a good technical service "promoters", to promote the creation of spring crops, grain and cotton high yield continue to deepen. In order to do a good job of spring plowing and ploughing, we must give full play to the supporting role of agricultural science and technology. The research team should use agricultural technology services as an important part of pushing forward the cultivation of spring crops. It should be a good “promoter” for technical services and truly deliver practical production-enhancing technologies to farmers and implement them in the fields. To enhance the targeted nature of science and technology services, we must send technology and ideas and send ideas and information. Efforts should be made to nurture the learning ability, acceptance ability, and radiation-driven capability of science and technology model households, and to cultivate a non-localized "soil expert" and "Tian Xiucai" in rural areas, and to promote zero-distance linkage between agricultural technological achievements and agricultural production. The technicians go directly to the household, and good and good methods go straight to the field, and advanced technology is directly available to people.

It is better to manage “instructors” in the field to ensure that the demonstration drives the balanced production of summer grains. It is an important topic for spring plowing and ploughing around the country to strengthen the guidance of field management on the characteristics of summer grain production and climate change. All research teams should conscientiously implement the important spirit of the National Spring Field Management Videoconference and the important task of the “Peasant Household Survey”. They should go deep into the production line and be the “instructor” of the field management to ensure that the demonstration drives the balanced production of summer grains. It is necessary to extensively mobilize the masses to overcome paralysis and blind emotions. In the early days, due to local conditions, and because of the seedling system, field management should be done well. We must pay close attention to disaster prevention and reduction, and promptly guide farmers to do a good job in crop cold protection, frost protection, drought prevention, disease prevention and pest control, etc., and minimize disaster losses.

As a "coordinator" of the production process, it promptly reflects and solves outstanding problems in spring plowing. We must closely integrate local realities and be a “coordinator” of the production process. In the investigation, we must earnestly listen to the opinions and suggestions of grass-roots cadres on the central rural policies and work, and the expectations of the broad masses of peasants on the party’s rural policies. Help solve the difficulties and problems faced in the spring ploughing and cultivation production process, such as funds, seeds, agricultural machinery and labor; not only must seriously sum up the new experiences, new practices and new creations created by the grassroots and peasant masses, but also pay attention to the emergence of agricultural and rural development. The tendency of propensity, emergence and sudden problems allow the central government to comprehensively and accurately grasp the development situation of the country's agriculture and rural areas and the current trend of changes in agricultural production, effectively help the peasants to solve the practical difficulties encountered in production and life, and promote the production of spring ploughing and cultivation. Carry out.

When the agricultural time urging people, it is not time for me to push forward the spring cultivating spring work must be mobilized early and pay close attention to implementation. At present, the “Investigating 100 Households and Ten Thousand Families” activity is being carried out in an orderly manner. All investigation teams will closely integrate investigation activities with spring agricultural production, earnestly enhance their sense of responsibility and urgency, and insist that the target of increasing output of summer grains is not relaxed, and help all regions to lay a good spring tube. We will plow the hardships and work hard to achieve a good start for agricultural and rural work throughout the year.

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