Weaning lamb whole fat fast fattening

Fast fattening of lambs for weaning lambs is divided into two categories: common feeding troughs and automatic feeding troughs. The former uses separate concentrates and coarse feeds, while the latter mixes fine and coarse feeds. . In order to reduce feed wastage, it is recommended that large and medium-sized intensive mutton farms use automatic feeders and use coarse-grained rations. Therefore, only automatic feeder rations are introduced here.

Dietary preparation

Four feed formulations are introduced. The first two are medium energy levels and the last two are low energy levels. For production reference:

Formula One: corn 58.75%, hay 40%, soybean cake 1.25%, plus antibiotic 1%. The dried feed of this formula contained 11.37% of crude protein, 67.1% of total digestive nutrients, 0.46% of calcium, and 0.26% of phosphorus. The ratio of crude to crude was 60:40.

Formula 2: Whole plant corn 65%, hay 20%, protein supplement 10%, molasses 5%. In this formula, protein supplements consist of 50% soybean cake, 33% bran, 5% thin molasses, 3% urea, 3% limestone powder, 5% calcium hydrogen phosphate, and 1% trace elements plus salt. In addition, add 33,000 international units of vitamin A, 300 units of vitamin D3, and vitamin E330 international units per kilogram of supplements. The dried feed of the formula contains 11.12% of crude protein, 66.9% of total digested nutrients, 0.61% of calcium, and 0.36% of phosphorus, and the ratio of crude to crude is 67:33.

Formula 3: 53% corn kernels, 47% hay, plus 0.75% antibiotics. The dry diet of this formula contained 11.29% of crude protein, 64.9% of total digestive nutrients, 0.61% of calcium, and 0.36% of phosphorus. The ratio of crude to crude was 53:47.

Formula 4: Whole plant corn 58.75%, hay 28.75%, protein supplement 7.5%, molasses 5%. Among them, the protein supplement composition is the same as Formulation II. The dried feed of this formula contains 11% of crude protein, 64% of total digestive nutrients, 6.4% of calcium, 0.32% of phosphorus, and a crude/crude ratio of 59:41.

Management points

The dietary use of hay should be based on legumes, with a crude protein content of not less than 14%; the formulated diet should be consistent in color, especially the eared corn must be crushed to make it difficult for lambs to pick out corn kernels. Prevail. In accordance with the principle of gradual change, let the lamb gradually transferred to the full amount of fattening diet, the daily amount of each lamb lambs calculated according to 1.5 kg. Using the characteristics of labor-saving and labor-saving automatic feeders, feed once a day, that is, put a full-day dosage in the automatic feeding tank. It should be noted that the number of feeders should be appropriate.

Homemade method

Select suitable iron barrels (such as gasoline barrels), remove the bottom of the upper cover, weld four fine steel circular ring brackets on the bottom, pierce the iron bucket at 1/3, and insert a 1.5 meter long iron pipe; The lower ends of the two wooden boards are fixed on both sides of the feeding tank chassis, and the upper end is slotted, and the groove diameter is matched with the thickness of the iron pipe; then the iron bucket is placed on the feeding tank chassis, and the feed is poured into the iron bucket, which will automatically fall and overflow.

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