Green fodder feed pig attention

1. Pay attention to the herbicide poisoning when foraging pasture grass, we must know in detail the spraying time of the grassland, just sprayed pesticide forage, can not be used as feed, etc. To prevent pesticide poisoning.

2. Pay attention to poisonous grass poisoning Common poisonous weeds are poisonous celery, wildflowers, etc.

3. Germinated potato, sorghum tender shoots, corn seedlings can not be fed pig potato germ contains a large number of solanine, can lead to toxic numbness in pigs; pigs eat fresh sorghum tender seedlings, corn seedlings, due to hydrocyanic acid glycogen More often leads to hydrocyanic acid poisoning.

4. To harvest forage grass in the best vegetative period Grazing for feeding pigs should be harvested before the crop heading, leguminous herbage should be harvested before flowering, leafy herbage should be harvested in the leaf cluster; at this time the crop protein, The highest content of vitamins and other nutrients.

5.Forage can not be stored for too long. Summer and autumn feeding green feed, it is best to feed while side-feeding, green feed for a long time will heat and become rot, in the role of bacteria generate a lot of nitrite, pigs easily lead to poisoning after eating.

6. It is not possible to feed a single forage with a green feed for a long time. Although there are many advantages, the pasture varieties have different nutritional characteristics. Grasses are rich in carbohydrates, legumes are rich in protein, and leafy grasses are rich in forages. With vitamins, minerals, etc., long-term feeding alone of a forage can easily lead to incomplete nutrition. Therefore, these types of pastures should be properly matched and fed, and if they can be combined with wild weeds, leaves, and aquatic plants, the effect will be better. At the same time, when feeding pigs, a certain proportion of corn, bran, bean cake and other concentrated feeds should be added to supplement the amount of bone meal, eggshell powder, trace elements and other mineral feeds.

7. After properly feeding the green feed, cut into small pieces of 0.5 to 1 cm in length or beating, and then dip into the mixed feed to directly feed the pigs. The green feed with poor palatability or crude fiber content should be fermented before feeding. At the same time, the feeding should be carried out during the initial feeding. The first dosage is about 20%, from less to more, generally after 3 to 5 days of training, can be fed in sufficient quantities.

8. The amount of feed should not be too large. Green feed should not be used to feed pigs. In particular, piglets must be limited when feeding large green feed. Prevent overfeeding causing diarrhea.

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