Hot day to eat vegetables and leaves do not easily throw away

Doing less oil and salt in vegetarian diets, vegetable stew is stronger than stewed and fried, and leaves and skins are not easily thrown away.

The weather is getting hotter and more, people's appetite is greatly reduced, oily meat can not eat, and some people still want to take advantage of hot days to lose weight, so vegetarian food has become the people's favorite. A modest vegetarian diet can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, and cancer. However, eating vegetarian food is not right, it is not conducive to health, let's take a look at the dietitian vegetarian guide it.

Make vegetarian less oil and salt

Many people put a lot of cooking oil when cooking, especially in the north, with more oil and more salt. We only know that vegetables are good for health, but never thought that the oil absorption of vegetables is particularly strong, no matter what kind of cooking oil, fat, The content is more than 98%, which means that almost all fat. If you add 30 ml of oil to a dish, it means that you will eat nearly 30 grams of fat. As a result, vegetables not only do not have the effect of reducing fat, but also have the potential to increase weight. Excessive intake of salt can easily result in an increase in blood pressure, as well as excessive retention of water in the body, which is also detrimental to health.

Vegetable stew is stronger than stewed and fried

Some people like to eat stews, but vitamin C and some antioxidants in vegetables are very resistant to heat and they “escape” when they are hot. If you stew these healthy ingredients for a long time, you lose more than half, or even more. It's a pity.

In fact, as long as vegetables do not use too much fat, cooking time is not particularly long, how to eat is good. If you must say which of the best methods of eating, it is the best mix, add a little sesame, or sesame oil, olive oil, or a little heated cooking oil can be. As a result, pickled vegetables reduce the heating time during the frying process, reduce the loss of vitamins and antioxidants, and retain nutrients to a greater extent. In addition, the process of refueling in the frying process is also lacking, resulting in a lower calorie content. From the point of view of healthy health, it is more suitable for those who are afraid of cold and have poor stomach and bloating. It also reduces the risk of high incidence of enteritis in summer.

Leaves and skin don't easily throw away

Every part of the vegetable is nutritious, and the green leaf is the plant that synthesizes the nutrients of the plant and is the essence of nutrition. Discarding it will greatly reduce the nutritional value of the vegetables. For example, the concentration of carotene in the outer leaf of Chinese cabbage is ten times higher than that of the central white leaf, and vitamin C is several times higher. The content of carotene and vitamin C in lettuce leaves is higher than that of lettuce.

In addition, eggplant skin, radish skin, sweet potato skin, tomato skin, containing anthocyanins, isothiocyanates, antioxidants and dietary fiber, also have a certain anti-cancer effect. If you can keep some more skin, even eat the skin, it is obviously more conducive to health.

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