Quick fattening method of meat goose

Fast-fattening meat goose breeds should be selected from the group consisting of lion-headed geese, vegetable pheasants, Zhedong white geese and other large, rapidly growing meat-type hybrid goslings. When goslings are raised to 45 days of age, they can be quickly fattened. There are three types of fattening methods commonly used. 1. Grazing and fattening method The grazing-dominated geese, using the grains left after the crop is harvested, are the most economical fattening methods. You should grasp the harvest season of local crops and brood in advance. The grazing land is selected according to the order of the harvest time. 2. Feed-fattening method The 45-day-old geese should be kept in a light-fat finishing goose house, limit their movement, reduce energy consumption, and feed carbohydrate-rich feeds such as corn. After 15 to 20 days of captivity, meat geese can be fertilized and marketed. 3. Filling and Feeding The fattening method is to mix the good feed with water and mix it into dried sludge, place it for 2 to 4 hours until the feed is softened, and a strip of food about 1.5 cm in diameter is made. Then hold the goose body on both legs to keep it upright, hold the head of the goose with your left hand, separate the upper and lower jaw with your thumb and index finger, and forcefully fill the goose's esophagus with your right hand. Each time you fill with a gentle push along the esophagus, 3 to 4 times a day. After each filling, the geese were put into a quiet goose house to rest and drink. After 10 to 15 days, the body's fat deposition increased and the fattening was completed. Feeds for feeding goose require high protein content and energy. The reference formulation for geese fillings is as follows (%): corn 50-55, rice bran 20-25, bean cake 5-7, bran 10-15, fish meal 2-3, salt 0.5, sand 0.3, multi-dimensional 0.1. Feeding amount: 200 to 250 g for the first 3 days; 300 to 350 g for the 4th to 5th days; 400 to 450 g for the 6th to 7th days; 500 to 550 g for the 8th to 10th days; It is 600 to 650 grams for ~15 days.

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