New Rice Variety Examination and Approval----Zhongzao 27

Zhongzao 27 is a conventional early rice variety that was selected by the Chinese Rice Research Institute and utilized a cross between Z96-229 and Zhannong 952. In January 2005, it was approved by the Jiangxi Provincial Crop Variety Approval Committee. Characteristics: The whole growth period was 106.2 days, 2.3 days earlier than the control Zhejiang 733. The plant type is moderate, the leaves are dark green, the leaves are wide, the tillering power is weak, the effective panicles are less, the number of grains per panicle is more, the seed setting rate is high, and the number of grains is significant. The plant height was 90.4 cm, the effective ear was 206,000, the total number of grains per panicle was 102.9, the number of grains per panicle was 86.0, the seed setting rate was 83.6%, and the grain weight was 29.2 g. Roughness 81.0%, polished rice rate 66.8%, whole polished rice rate 35.8%, chalky grain rate 92%, chalkiness 18.4%, amylose content 24.25%, gel consistency 30mm, grain length 6.9mm, aspect ratio 2.8 , Transparency level 3, base elimination value of 5. Natural susceptibility to rice blast resistance: Grade 0 of seedling locust, Grade 2 of leaf pod, Grade 0 of ear locust. Production performance: From 2003 to 2004, they participated in the regional rice experiment in Jiangxi Province. In 2003, the average yield per mu was 438.83 kg, which was 0.76% lower than that of the control Zhejiang 733. In 2004, the average yield was 458.19 kg, which was 2.17% lower than the control Zhejiang 733. Cultivation Techniques: Seed sowing from the end of March to the beginning of April, with a seeding rate of 30-35 kg/mu and 5 kg/mu. Age 28-30 days, transplanting specifications for the 55-inch, 5-6 seedlings per hole. Fertilize base fertilizer and apply topdressing as early as possible; basal manure mainly uses organic fertilizer, appropriate application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer; apply panicle fertilizer, increase seed setting rate and 1000-grain weight. During the period of childbirth, the field is controlled in time, and moist irrigation is used in the later period to prevent the water from being cut off prematurely to ensure sufficient grouting. Pay attention to pest control. It is suitable for planting in the north of central Hebei.

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