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In the summer of high temperature and high humidity, due to the respiration of food, the excretion of pests and the pollution of worm corpses, etc., it is easy to cause mildew and serious loss of stored grain. So, how to store good food? The key point is to pay attention to the following points: 1. Whether or not food is put into warehousing is an important factor in deciding whether it can be safely preserved in the long term. Therefore, all foods that need to be stored for a long period of time must be carefully handled to achieve "dry, full, and clean." 2, before the storage of food should be cleaned and exposed to a variety of utensils, with 80% of the dichlorvos EC 20 times release solution pest control. The appliance after spraying must be dried and used after 2-3 hours. 3. When the temperature in the room where the grain is stored is higher than that in the outdoor, the doors and windows can be fully opened at night and the ventilation and ventilation can be performed. 4, pay attention to check the bottom, side, corners, because these parts of the food is easy to absorb moisture, heat and mildew. 5, for bags of food piled up, can be coded into a ventilation shape, in order to facilitate the temperature; can also be at the bottom of the grain bag over a period of time with the upper part of the grain bag straight for change, to prevent moisture. 6. When it is found that the stored grain is moist and wet, it should be put on the outdoor beach for drying or sun drying, ventilation, cooling and drying. 7. If it is found that the storage grain has been worm-eaten, it should be promptly taken preventive measures such as wind screening, sun exposure, scalding, sand mixing, gland oxygen deficiency, habit trapping, biogas Insecticide and chemical fumigation and other methods.


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