Prevention and cure of pomegranate fruit pest peach aphid

Myzus persicae is an omnivorous pest, widely distributed, host more, larvae damage peach, plum, apple, pear, persimmon, pomegranate, hawthorn and other fruit trees and seeds. The infected pomegranate is filled with insect feces, resulting in fruit rot, severely affecting yield and quality.

First, living habits Due to the miscellaneous eating habits of peaches, they have a longer period of occurrence, and there are various host areas that have been carrying out harm all year round. Algebraically occurring in one year varies with regional climate. There are few algebras in cold regions and more algebras in warm regions. The winter of the mature larvae is overwhelming, and all the fruit storage fields, bark cracks, tree holes, sunflower plates, and corn stalks in the overwintering field are stored. In the following year, the overwintering adult can emerge as a feather. During the day, it stays in the shade at the back of the shady area. It has a phototaxis during the night and spawns at 8 to 10 o'clock in the evening. The eggs are mainly produced in pomegranate bowls, usually 1 to 6, and the eggs are single-grained. The newly hatched larvae first enter the fruit in concealed parts such as the stalks, leaves, or layers. After the larvae are matured, they are likely to phlegm in the cracks in the fruit, fruit, and bark.

Second, prevention and control measures

1. Clear Garden finds pests in wintering sites to eliminate overwintering larvae. Scrape bark and plug tree holes in early spring to timely remove and dispose of debris from other host plants, such as sunflower stalks, corn, sorghum and other plant stalks. Remove the victim's fruit and concentrate the fruit and burn it, or treat it with fertilizer or deep burial.

2. Trapping and killing adults use their phototaxis, in the adult stage, built-in black light traps in the orchard to trap the adult.

3. Fruit bagging Before adult emergence or adult emergence, fruit bagging is performed before mating.

4. Temptation and killing The use of peach aphid spawning, the sunflower flower disk has a strong tendency characteristics, can be properly planted in the pomegranate garden some sunflower, sunflower after flowering to induce adult eggs, directional spray kill. This method can also trap and kill other pests, such as the white star Jin Guiqing and tea wings and elephants.

5. Chemical control If the above preventive measures are done well, there is no need for spraying. Otherwise, some plant-derived pesticides that are non-toxic to humans and animals must be sprayed during adult emergence and spawning. Such as 0.65% anisic water 450 to 500 times liquid, can treat lice and aphids pests, or spray 37% buckwheat oil emulsion 75 times.

Homemade: Use 1 kg of buckwheat leaves to add 3000 ml of water, soak for 6 hours, add slag, add 30 kg of diluted spray, and treat aphids.

Microbial insecticides have a good control effect against moth-butterfly pests. They are diluted with 1000-fold liquid spray of acaricidal powder (containing 10 billion viable spores per gram).

The above pharmaceuticals are allowed to use one kind, and the pests will be sprayed once every 7 to 10 days, and they can be sprayed for 2 to 3 times.

Note: Microbial pesticides cannot be used in the sericulture area.

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