Wuchang Tianchang Rice Changchun is not the most expensive Wuchang Rice 28 yuan/jin

In 2011, the well-known Wuchang rice in Heilongjiang Province ushered in a good situation. Not only the quality was good, but the price was also rising. The most expensive one pound was even sold for 199 yuan.

Yesterday, the reporter visited some supermarkets and farmer's markets in Changchun. It was found that Wuchang Rice had the highest price in both the supermarket and the farmer's market, but Changchun did not have a “high price” of 199 yuan/kg. Rice.

The price of Wuchang rice on the Changchun market has a high end, the most expensive Wuchang rice is 28 yuan per catty, and the cheapest Wuchang rice is 3.5 yuan per catty.

Changchun, the most expensive five-time rice 28 yuan / jin "Wujichang rice as a tribute to the emperor, because of its unique rice quality, excellent taste, nutritious, and the Emperor was appointed as the best in rice, and was sealed as 'a product of the royal Gongmi' At the same time, a Minister of the Imperial Order was appointed to supervise the species..."

This is a propaganda language for a brand of Wuchang Rice. What is the price of such a “royal imperial rice” in Changchun?

"10 pounds is loaded with 280 yuan, 15 pounds is loaded with 225 yuan, do not look less than the number of pounds more expensive than kilograms, because it is organic technology cultivation, manual weeding, biological pest control, organic fertilizer application And so on, the average rice can't." A staff member at a supermarket near Chongqing Road told reporters about a certain brand of Wuchang rice.

The reporter saw in the supermarket that the 280 yuan and 10 kg load of Wuchang rice was beautifully packaged. According to the staff, each year at the beginning of each year, supermarkets will enter such rice, and they have been selling well since they were just on the shelves. They are usually gifts or flats, and they rarely use their own money to buy rice. .

In addition to the Wuchang rice at 28 yuan per catty in the supermarket, in the other large supermarket chain near People's Square, the reporter also discovered other brands of Wuchang rice, the price is also a lot more expensive than the average rice, priced at 158 ​​yuan 10 jin.

Gao Jie, a supermarket worker, said that this Wuchang rice is better than other rice, but most of the rice choices are given to people.

The cheapest Wuchang rice 3.5 yuan / jin of course, there is "emperor price" there is "civilian price."

In addition to the Wuchang rice, which has relatively high prices in the above two supermarkets, "Popular prices" appeared in the Wuchang rice in the farmers' markets near Chongqing Road and Kinki Street.

4.5 yuan / kg, 4 yuan / kg, 3.5 yuan / kg, how to look at such prices are the current price of ordinary rice, but in the above two farmers markets, this is the price of Wuchang rice.

A certain grain and oil wholesaler told the reporter that ordinary rice prices are around RMB 3/kg. Wuchang rice is more expensive than regular rice at RMB 0.5 yuan to RMB 1. As long as there are five regular rice in the market, the price will be higher. However, what is the reason for the price gap between the five regular rice, the grain and oil wholesalers are not clear.

The Wuchang rice, which is located at mid-range prices, is the choice of many families. The above supermarket staff Gao Jie told reporters that good quality and acceptable prices are the reasons why ordinary people choose. The reporter learned that the price of mid-range Wuchang rice on the Changchun market is about 10 pounds for 60 yuan to 70 yuan.

Brand factors lead to price differences There are various types of Wuchang rice in various brands and prices on the market. So what are the reasons for the price difference between rice and pounds from Wuchang City in Heilongjiang Province that is more than 20 yuan?

The above supermarket staff Gao Jie told reporters that the main difference is in the packaging and selection, for example, the price is higher in the rice is not broken rice, and is organic, and Wuchang is a good place to produce rice, brand Naturally, there will be many different brands of rice prices will naturally differ.

Yesterday, Ma Wenfeng, an analyst at Beijing Oriental Iger Agricultural Consulting Co., Ltd., said in a telephone interview that the brand factors of Wuchang Rice led to price differences.

He said that the quality of rice produced in the Wuchang region is excellent, and there are also many brands of rice in the region. Naturally, there will be differences in price and technology. The so-called “high price” rice, its production, processing, and sales Series links will be different from ordinary rice, and the reason why there will be "astronomical" or related to the business environment, the country does not limit the price, many businesses to the price of gimmicks is also normal.

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