Four delicious nutritious soups nourish your body

Tomato juice

If we can drink 1 cup of tomato juice every day, or eat some tomatoes regularly, the effect of preventing freckles is very obvious. This is because tomatoes contain a lot of vitamin C, which is why tomatoes are known as the "vitamin C warehouse." Eat more tomatoes can effectively inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in our skin, and it is very effective in reducing the formation of melanin, which can make the skin white and tender, dark spots fade.

Black fungus and red dates soup

We can choose 30 grams of black fungus and 20 dates. First, after washing black fungus, jujube to the core, add water, the amount of water in the pot, cook for about half an hour can be. Drink once every morning and after dinner. Adhere to taking a period of time, you can stay Yan Yan spots, fitness muscle, for the treatment of facial dark spots, shape is very effective.

Cucumber porridge

We first took 100 grams of rice, 300 grams of fresh cucumber, 2 grams of salt, and 10 grams of ginger. After the first cucumber wash, peeled and cut into small pieces to be used. The rice is washed clean and ginger is washed and beaten. After that, add about 1000 ml of water to the pot and put it on the fire. Put the prepared rice and ginger before putting it in. Bring it to a boil, and then slowly use a small fire to boil slowly until the rice is rotted and put cucumbers in it. Tablets, cook until the soup is thick, season it with salt. Take twice a day, pay attention to be sure to warm clothes, has a good moisturizing skin, freckle, weight loss. Usually drinking more cucumber porridge can effectively eliminate freckles and brighten skin.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is very simple, as long as the lemon juice, add crystal sugar to drink. Lemon contains a lot of vitamin C, vitamin C per 100 grams of lemon juice can be as much as 50 mg. In addition, lemon juice also contains calcium, phosphorus, iron and B vitamins and so on. Usually drinking some lemon juice, not only white and tender skin, prevent skin aging, eliminate facial pigmentation spots, and for prevention and treatment of arteriosclerosis is greatly beneficial.

When winter arrives, we also need to drink more coffee, cocoa and other high-calorie drinks, so that we can make our body "warm" better.

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