There are three kinds of radish

Fear hard soil. Radish is a soft and hard vegetable, in addition to soil cultivation of cruciferous vegetables in addition to soil, but also requires deep soil, soft soil, drainage and irrigation convenience, so that the radish will be good quality and high yield.
Fear of unreasonable fertilization. Radish like heavy base fertilizer less fertilizer. Basal fertilizer generally uses 65~75 kg of rapeseed cake per 667 square meters, 50~60 kg of plant ash, and 20~25 kg of superphosphate. After spreading, it is poured into the soil surface, and then poured 250 to 300 kg of urine per 667 square meters. After dry, turn over the soil and mix well with the soil surface, and then sow again.
Afraid of drought. Insufficient water supply can result in thicker root rind, harder meat and spicy taste of radish, and lower yield and quality. For the radish-planted plots, the eucalyptus is required to be moist before sowing. If the early maturing cultivars are exposed to dry weather, they can generally fill the water once before sowing, and should perform shallow irrigation. After the topsoil is dried, the seeds should be sown again. Excessive evaporation of water. The radish needs less water at the seedling stage, and if the glutinous soil is not dry, it does not need to be watered. The fleshy roots begin to swell and become strong. Until 4 to 5 days before the harvest, the radish should be supplied with sufficient moisture to keep the soil 70 %~80% humidity. Watering is usually performed in the morning or evening. During drought, water once every 1-2 days.

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