Two tips for judging the hunger of fish

Judging the degree of fish fullness and hunger is not easy for the average farmer. According to the author's many years of practice, as long as the following two aspects can be done well, unexpected results can be obtained. Not only can the fish grow fast and healthy, It also saves fish feed.
How to judge the length of time the fish are hungry and feed on food. Feeding is normal within 3 hours after feeding, 2 hours or so after eating indicates insufficient feeding, and some fish are not full, should be added at the next feeding time; if it is extended to 4 hours, it will not be eaten. After the fish school has left the food market, it shows that it is enough to eat more food. The next time, the amount of feed can be reduced.
Second, look at the size of fish growth. In April and May, the food intake of fish after food intake increases day by day. During the 1-week or 1-day feeding plan, changes in the beginning of week and the weekend, or the beginning and end of ten days are to be observed. If the number of shots is the same every day, at the end of the weekend or at the end of the day, it will be eaten within 2 hours. This indicates that the fish’s weight has increased, the food intake is large, and there is no enough food. It is necessary to increase the amount of feed until the start of November. Fishing can be used to identify and master this method.
Three to watch the water movement. After feeding, if the fish is not sick and frequently moves on the surface of the water, this is a manifestation of hunger. On the contrary, the fish will drill into the water after eating. In particular, fry or fingerlings swim in groups on the water, which is a sign of severe hunger. Commonly known as "race horse disease." If you want to feed immediately, block mad tours or you will die in large numbers. As for fish and fish, which are mainly eaten by plankton, they can observe the quality of water to determine whether they meet their growth requirements. When the water quality is thin, use fertilization methods to cultivate plankton. When the water quality is too fat, when the signs of deterioration appear, the water must be immediately changed, the oxygen is turned on, and if necessary, the trichlorfon drugs are used to kill the plankton so that the water becomes clear and thin, and then the water is fertilized to cultivate the water quality. Grow.
How to prevent must be fed "four settings." There can't be anything to vote for, how much to vote, and no vote. Yu Yunyun: "Stop the day, white for three days." Some contractors tend to only look at the fields when they are busy, forgetting the heads of Tongtou, and there are many people who have stopped for several days. Some concentrated the feed on one point less than 10 square meters, causing fish to eat unevenly and grow unevenly, failing to reach planned output. Some feeds are not strictly preserved, and they are fed directly after mildew without treatment, resulting in an outbreak of fish diseases and heavy losses. All these kinds of fish are raised. According to this, if we want to learn the scientific fish culture technology, we must first learn to identify the fish's hunger and satiety, adhere to quantitative, qualitative, positioning, regular "four definite" feeding methods, in order to achieve high yields.

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