GE Healthcare Officially Launches the “Private ** Development Blue Ocean Forum” series of events

June 28th, 2011, Weifang, Shandong - Today, GE Healthcare held a series of activities to develop the Blue Ocean Forum for Private Hospitals in GE in Weifang, Shandong Province. Shandong Station, as the nation’s first station, is a collaboration between GE and the Shandong Provincial Health Economic Association, and is organized on the platform of a joint meeting of the dean of private hospitals in Shandong Province. By the end of 2011, GE will also collaborate with local private hospital associations in Henan, Zhejiang, Fujian, Hubei, Jilin, etc. to organize a series of forum activities aimed at discussing with private hospital administrators and sharing advanced hospital management experience. Promote private hospitals to play a greater role in the domestic medical and health service system and join hands in creating a better future. Director of the Department of Medical Affairs of the Shandong Provincial Department of Health Tan Chengsen, Chairman of Shandong Provincial Health Economic Association Wang Tiansheng, Vice President of GE (China) Co., Ltd. Song Hai, General Manager of GE Healthcare Greater China Basic Medical Division Ma Haiyan, and private hospitals from Shandong Province Over one hundred delegates participated in the forum's first stop event.

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Shandong Provincial Health Economic Association and GE Healthcare Group representatives started the "Private Hospital Development Blue Ocean Forum" series of activities

In the first stop of the "GE Private Hospital Development Blue Ocean Forum" held in Weifang, Shandong, experts from the government and the association conducted an in-depth interpretation of the new medical reform to accelerate the development of private hospitals. Experts from the medical industry and academic institutions, representatives of GE Healthcare, and dean of excellent private hospitals shared experiences on topics such as hospital management and participants. Among them, “hospital management solutions: process optimization and asset management”, “private hospital chain development and construction”, “medical equipment management and hospital development” and other topics are facing the actual operation needs of private hospitals and are deeply represented by private hospital representatives. welcome.

With the deepening of China's medical system reform, non-public medical institutions, including private hospitals, have become increasingly prominent in the medical improvement process. On November 26, 2010, the State Council forwarded the “Opinions on Further Encouraging and Guiding Social Capital to Organize Medical Institutions” issued jointly by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Health and other central ministries and commissions, eliminating policy obstacles that hinder the development of non-public medical institutions and ensuring that Non-public medical institutions enjoy the same treatment as public medical institutions in terms of access and practice. Relevant departments indicated that promoting the development of private hospitals is conducive to better meeting the needs of multi-level and diversified medical services. At the same time, it is conducive to forming a competitive structure, reducing medical costs, improving the efficiency and quality of medical services, and improving the medical service system to solve the “difficulty of seeing a doctor”. ”, “expensive to see a doctor” problem. The continuous and rapid development of private hospitals has become one of the key factors concerning the prospects of China's medical system reform and the future of China's medical services.

While the new policy environment has provided a broad space for the development of privately-owned hospitals in China, the continuous increase in the medical needs of the majority of patients and the overall situation of medical reform have also raised higher requirements for the development of private hospitals. On the one hand, private hospitals must develop their own medical characteristics in competition and continue to improve the quality of medical care. On the other hand, they must also effectively reduce operating costs and provide affordable medical services to the society. This makes private hospitals face the challenge of improving the management level. How to further improve the management structure, optimize the management process, and improve the comprehensive operation capabilities under the new situation, and find a blue ocean of their own in the competitive Red Sea, which has become the most concerned issue for private hospital administrators.

Wang Tiansheng, chairman of the Shandong Provincial Health Economic Association, stated at the opening ceremony of the forum: “The new medical reform policy has given private hospitals an important position and role in the medical and health service system, and improving the hospital management level will promote private hospitals to actively face this opportunity. GE Healthcare, as an internationally renowned company, closely follows China's medical reform policy, not only providing medical products and services, but also sharing advanced management experience with Chinese hospitals to grow together. I sincerely hope that the 'Private Hospital Development Blue Ocean Forum' series of events can promote Private hospitals play an important role in the new healthcare reform and provide strong support."

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