Beware of ginger leaf spot in high temperature and rainy season

During the high temperature and rainy season, ginger leaf spot disease showed an upward trend. The technical department of the Anqiu Red Sun Agricultural Chain Store reminded farmers that prevention of the disease is currently required. Ginger scab disease mainly damages the leaves. The diseased leaves have yellowish-white elliptical or irregular shaped spots. When the wet spots grow, scattered small black spots grow, and the diseased part cracks or perforates when it is dry. If the lesions are connected, some or all of the leaves can be dried. Practice has found that high temperature, rainy weather, or continuous cropping, low-lying land use the disease. According to the identification, the disease was caused by the infection of P. gingivalis fungus, rather than bacteria, reminding farmers to pay attention to medication. Because the disease mainly damages the leaves, reduces its photosynthesis and affects the yield, it advocates early prevention and early treatment. In addition to strengthening the management and control of disease occurrence, it is also necessary to cooperate with spraying protection. It can be used to prevent 800 times of foliafolone or 1500 times of tebuconazole spraying; if it is found to have the symptoms of the disease, it can be used 1500 times with Baimei or Tsuibei. Pennet 3000 times foliar spray for prevention and treatment.

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