High-yielding Cultivation Techniques of Pepper in Summer

First, nurture strong seedlings and cultivate strong seedlings. The terrain is high. Within two years, no land for solanaceous crops has been planted, and a nursery shed with high north and low south is built. Bed soil should be used in the cultivating layer of mature soil, 50 grams per square meter of seedbed with diammonium phosphate, mixed with soil flattened on the surface (disable urea, ammonium bicarbonate) before sowing, the seed with 55 °C Soak in warm water for 15 minutes and stir continuously. After the water temperature drops, soak for 8 hours. After soaking, remove the seeds and dry them to dry them. Use 100 grams per acre. The sowing date will be about 80 days from the date of planting, about between spring and rain. When sowing, pour water 1 times, sowing at least 3 times in order to ensure even seeding. Cover soil with fine soil, thickness of 4-5 mm. For ease of grasping, place a few chopsticks on the bed surface, and then cover the soil until the chopsticks are exposed. After covering the earth cover film, then cover the film. After 20 days or so, when the seedlings reached 50%, the mulch film was promptly removed. Choose windless, warm sunny days and use the noon to remove weeds. If necessary, plant power 2003, potassium dihydrogen phosphate and other foliar fertilizers can be applied. In the later period of nursery, cool the air and remove the membrane and smelt the seedlings. The seedling bed is poured two days before planting to facilitate the transfer of seedlings.
Second, transplant planting at the right time. Choose land plots with high terrain and good summer flood control. Land preparation, ridge cultivation, ridge height 35 cm, ridge width 60 cm. It is planted in large and small rows with a small row spacing of 60 cm and a large row spacing of 80 cm. One-time application of base fertilizer before ridging, apply 4000-5000 kg of organic fertilizer per acre, 25 kg of diammonium phosphate, 25 kg of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium ternary compound fertilizer. At the end of the frost period (at the end of April), the weather was selected on a clear, warm and windless day and planted in plastic film. The two plants were planted with a spacing of 40 cm. Immediately after planting, water the plants and pour them 2 times. Afterwards, carry out the cultivating and raising the temperature so as to ease the seedlings.
Third, to strengthen the management of the growth period Management 20 days after planting, we must promptly remove the door pepper. Timely control of tobacco budworm, cotton bollworm, aphids, red spider and other pests. The tobacco budworms and cotton bollworms should be alternately used for the alternate use of green kungfu, ciclopyrosin, and bauran, and controlled once every two days, and even sprayed 5-6 times. Control aphids, use imidacloprid pesticides. Prevention and control of red spiders use broom net and so on. The diseases of hot pepper are mainly diseases and virus diseases. The key to preventing and controlling hot pepper diseases is the prevention of disease. Summer rainfall, in order to timely drainage, ridges can be digging gutters alternately several times. When diseased plants are found in the field, it is necessary to promptly spray Anke-Manganese Zinc, Redomer and other agents. The key to the prevention and control of viral diseases is the prevention and control of aphids. When a diseased plant occurs in the field, the virus is selected to be sprayed with a 500-fold solution and a suitable amount of foliar fertilizer is sprayed. In the summer, when the pepper grows vigorously, there is no need to water the year when the rainfall is heavy. In low rainfall years, it takes 3-4 times of water. When the first layer of fruit enlarges, 25 kg of compound fertilizer and 15 kg of urea are applied per acre, and then 1 acreage is collected for each harvest. Water and topdressing should be applied according to the growth of the plant.

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