What crop weeds can be controlled by acetochlor

Acetochlor is also known as quinones and oxalates. Apply to soybeans, oil, peanuts, corn, cotton, vegetables and so on. Prevent annual grass weeds and some broadleaf weeds. Invalid for perennial weeds.

Acetochlor is pre-emergence soil treatment and the soil surface is sprayed before and after the crop is sown. Gramineous weeds are absorbed by the genus. Broadleaf weeds are absorbed by roots and young shoots. Agents that inhale into the body can dry out nucleic acids and synthesize proteins. The young shoots and young roots stop growing and eventually die. It can last for 2 months in soil.

The amount of acetochlor is related to soil moisture and organic matter content. The dosage should be determined according to different seasons, different crops and grass conditions. Sand with low organic matter content should be used at low doses. When the drug is applied at high temperature or it rains after application, the seeds are in contact with the drug to cause injury. After emergence, the leaves shrink and yellow.

After the weeds are damaged, the young roots and young shoots are restrained, and the leaves that cannot be extracted from or pulled out from the buds are deformed and become short and thick and die.

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