Wheat field is very dry, can not water?

When the winter wheat field soil is too dry, the wheat seedlings are vulnerable to dry and frozen, especially the seedlings with small seedlings and weak seedlings. The roots of the wheat seedlings are shallow, and they are more susceptible to drought and dry freezing. Severe diseases can cause dead seedlings. When the soil in the wheat field is too dry, proper irrigation can be considered. When the minimum temperature is above 0°C for several consecutive days, it can be watered or irrigated at any time. In the morning, the soil is frozen, but when it can be thawed at noon, it can be irrigated after thawing. Pay attention to the supporting drainage system to ensure that the water can be infiltrated or drained in time to avoid fields. Area water. When the soil cannot thaw during the day, it cannot be watered. If there is no irrigation condition, properly covering the roots or covering straw, etc., can also play a role in heat preservation and antifreeze. The recent low temperature, dry soil wheat should be irrigated at noon soil thawing, rapid irrigation speed row, to ensure that the field no water.

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