Clivia winter tube points

Clivia native to South Africa, for the perennial green grass flowers, hi warm and cool climate, afraid of high temperatures and cold, summer dormancy, autumn and winter growth, therefore, strengthening the winter tube is the key to maintenance. The main points are as follows:
First, fertilization Clivia vulgaris winter nutrient growth speed, the most nutrients needed, therefore, the application of good winter fertilizer is very important. Before entering the room, the flowerpots are filled with bone meal, fried sesame seeds, cooked soybeans, or compound fertilizers. The water is applied once every 15 to 20 days. The roots of the soaking liquids of the moving and plant residues may also be used. It is imperative to put the fertilizer into practice and prevent it from harming with concentrated fertilizer.
Second, watering Clivia for fleshy roots, good air afraid of water stains. In addition, there are waxy layers on the leaves of Clivia, and the temperature is low in winter, and the transpiration and evaporation of water are small. Therefore, watering should not be too much. Just combine fertilizer and watering to keep the basin soil moist. Must not flood irrigation, causing rot dead seedlings.
Third, the most suitable growth temperature of Clivia vulgaris is 15 ~ 25 °C, 10 °C to stop growing, 0 °C by freezing damage. Therefore, winter must be insulated antifreeze. After the flower stems are drawn out, it is advisable to maintain about 18°C. The temperature is too high, the leaves and flower buds are long and thin, the flowers are of small quality, and the flowering period is short. When the temperature is too low, the stems are short and the arrowheads are easy to produce (flowering), affecting the quality and reducing the ornamental value.
Fourth, dimming Clivia hi scattered light, avoid direct light. Winter indoor maintenance, flower pots should be placed in a place with sufficient light. In particular, good light must be applied before flowering to promote flower bud development. Appropriate cooling after flowering, avoiding strong light, maintaining good ventilation, is conducive to prolonging the flowering period.
5. Protecting the leaves and leaves with strong flowers, leafy green flowers, short, broad leaves, thick, green, bright, and very healthy are the characteristics of healthy clivia, which is the basis for promoting flowering and enhancing ornamental value. To maintain a strong leaf quality, in addition to providing a reasonable fertilizer, the leaves must be kept clean to increase photosynthetic efficiency. The method of protecting leaves is to wash the leaves on a regular basis, and use the same clean water as room temperature to spray or rinse the dust on the contaminated leaves to keep the leaves clean. The second is to spray the fungicide in time to prevent leaf spot, leaf blight and stems. The occurrence of rot ensures that the blades are green and beautiful.

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