Ceiling Type Double Head LED Operation Surgical Lights (YD02-LED4+5)

Model NO.: YD02-LED4+5 Operation Room Light
Medical Device Regulatory Type: Type 2
Medical Devices Reg./Record No.: Hsyjxzz20122540939
Operation Room Light Illuminance(Lux): >=120,000/>=130,000
Colour Temperature(K): 4800±200k
Colour Reduction Index(Ra): 96
Operation Room Light Illuminance Depth: 1050(Mm)
Total Irradiance (W/M2): 420/480
Size of Field (Mm): 120-240
Operation Room Light Head Diameter: 550/550
Rated Power of Bulb(V/W): 3.2V/1W
LED Service Life of Illuminant: >=50000
Total Power Consumptio(W): 130W
Trademark: SHANGYI
Transport Package: Packed in Three Plywood Cases.
Specification: CE, SGS, ISO
Origin: Shanghai, China
HS Code: 940540
Ceiling Type Double Head LED Operation Surgical Lights(YD02-LED4+5) 

Main feature of Operation Room Light:
1. Energy saving and environment-friendly.
2. Long service life: LED life is up to 30000 hours.
3. It offers illuminance memory funcition and wide voltage working speciality.
4. Excellent daylight quality and CRI meet the illumination needs of the doctors.
5. Excellent cold light: Adopting LED cold light as light source, without temperature rising.
6. Excellent lighting effect: Unique optical system, homogenous light spot, high-definition.
7. Brightness Adjustment: Micro computer digital control, with 8 shifts luminance for selection.
8. Flexible and stable balance arm system contents various requirement on height and angle.

Detailed Description:
1.Medical device LED surgery lamp YD02-LED4+5 ensures perfect operating conditions.
2.The airflow surface under the ventilated ceiling is minimized and the reduced heat rising.
3.Optimized air flow design for better hygiene with its open design and superior ventilated tolerance.

Detailed data of Operation Room Light:
Type YD02-LED4+5 Operation Room Light 
LED Surgical Light Illuminance(Lux) >=120,000/>=130,000
LED Surgical Light Colour temperature(k) 4800±200K
Colour reduction index(Ra) 96
LED Surgical Light Illuminance depth(mm) 1050
LED Surgical Light Total irradiance (W/m2) 420/480
Size of LED Surgical Light field (mm) 120-240
LED Surgical Light head diameter 550/550
Rated power of bulb(V/W) 3.2V/1W
LED Service life of illuminant >=50000
Total power consumption(W) 130W
Power supply voltage AC110V-240V(50HZ-60HZ)
Brightness adjustment Automatic8-stage continuous light adjustment
Total LED bulb quantity 117pcs
Lowest height of installation(mm) 2900
Operation Room Light Warranty 2 years
Operation Room Light Delivery time 3-5 days

Packing list of Operation Room Light:
 LED 4Light Head Size  80*81*36(cm)
Light Head NW/GW 15kg /10kg
LED5Light Head Size  91*92*37(cm)
Light Head NW/GW 21kg /15kg
Revolving Arm and Spring Arm 121*72*42(cm)
Operation Room Light NW/GW 60kg/50kg
Operation Room Light YD02-LED4+5 CBM 0.91M3

Ceiling Type Double Head LED Operation Surgical Lights (YD02-LED4+5)
Ceiling Type Double Head LED Operation Surgical Lights (YD02-LED4+5)
Ceiling Type Double Head LED Operation Surgical Lights (YD02-LED4+5)

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